Can a 747 take off from Kemble?

Former RAF Kemble site, which straddles the Gloucestershire/Wiltshire border has a 2km runway which means it is long enough for the large 747s to land and although some suggested that planes arriving at Kemble wouldn’t be able to take off again, the Corsair plane managed to leave with no problems.

When did RAF Kemble Close?

All military flying ceased at Kemble airfield in March 1993 and the MOD realised that it could raise some much-needed cash by leasing some of buildings to private tenants.

Can you visit Kemble?

The airport, which sits between the A429 and the A433, re-opened to the public at the beginning of July. Visiting times for the site are between Tuesday to Saturday 9am to 5pm. Most of the 747s parked at the Kemble site can be seen from the A429 side of the airfield.

Can you visit Kemble airport?

The airport is open to the public everyday, including weekends, and boasts a very successful restaurant that offers superb food and views of the runway from its south facing sun terrace.

Who owns Kemble airfield?

Ronan Harvey
Located 4.5 NM (8.3 km; 5.2 mi) southwest of Cirencester, it was built as a Royal Air Force (RAF) station and was known as RAF Kemble….

Cotswold Airport
Owner Ronan Harvey
Operator Kemble Air Services Limited
Location Cirencester
Elevation AMSL 436 ft / 133 m

Where is G CIVB?

Cotswold airport
British Airways says G-CIVB – one of the last pair of its 747s to leave London Heathrow on 8 October – will be permanently based at Cotswold airport, south of Gloucester.

Why are there so many planes at Cotswold Airport?

Cotswold has an unprecedented amount of jets coming in for storage and breaking. “On the back of the CAA and DFT guidelines to close the airport in periods of lockdown, our operational income went to zero overnight. We are however very lucky to have been propped up with the airliner storage which has kept us going.

Why is av8 closed?

The Airport will be closed to the public from tomorrow 5th November, this is to comply with the new covid lockdown. We look forward to seeing you all again after lockdown, all take care and stay safe.

Is Top Gear filmed at Kemble?

Cotswold Airport is a popular television and film location, with Casualty and Fifth Gear among the other shows which film on-site. …

Which airport is GBA?

Cotswold Airport/Code

What happens to planes at Kemble?

Aircraft generally arrive to be parked onsite or be recycled at Air Salvage International (ASI). This group is based on the outskirts of the field. This organization is a market leader when it comes to aircraft maintenance, storage, and breaking. The planes are carefully decommissioned by ASI.

What aircraft are stored at Kemble?

British Airways Boeing 747s
Dramatic pictures have emerged of a host of iconic British Airways Boeing 747s lined up at Cotswold Airport in Kemble. The planes are being stored at Cotswold Airport – which doubles up as a business scrap facility.

When did RAF Kemble open to the public?

Construction work for RAF Kemble began in 1936, and the first operational unit to arrive at the station was No. 5 Maintenance Unit RAF on 22 June 1938. In 1940, No. 4 Service Ferry Pool moved to the station from Cardiff, and Kemble became the headquarters for the aircraft ferrying operations of the Air Transport Auxiliary across the country.

When did the Red Arrows move to Kemble?

In 1940, No. 4 Service Ferry Pool moved to the station from Cardiff, and Kemble became the headquarters for the aircraft ferrying operations of the Air Transport Auxiliary across the country. From 1966 until 1983, Kemble housed the Red Arrows, the RAF Aerobatic display team; which operated Folland Gnats and BAe Hawks from there.

When did Cotswold Airport change its name to Kemble?

The central area of the airport, looking east. An air show is in progress; some Boeing 747s kept in storage at the airport can also be seen. The site was renamed Cotswold Airport in 2009, having previously operated as Kemble Airport or Kemble Airfield.