Are E14 and SES the same?

The Small Edison Screw (SES E14 bulb) cap is a more compact version of its 27mm brother, commonly found on smaller reflector, candle, pygmy or golf ball bulbs. E14 small screw bulbs are often used in lamps that require smaller fittings, such as desk lamps and wall lights.

What is an SES E14 bulb?

SES Small Edison Screw E14 Base Light Bulbs & Lamps The small Edison Screw bulb lamp is a smaller version of the E27, measuring 14mm across the cap diameter. Ideal for use in chandeliers and wall lights, E14 bulbs include incandescent, halogen, LED, and CFL.

What is pygmy bulb?

Pygmy light bulbs are small, pear-shaped bulbs usually used in decorative light strings, festoon lighting, and sign lamps, but can also be found in some appliances in the home. Due to their small size, LED pygmy bulbs usually have smaller caps, such as the E14 small Edison screw (SES) cap.

What bulbs do salt lamps use?

The light bulbs used in Himalayan salt lamps have to be incandescent. These are heat-producing light bulbs. The commonly used wattage for bulbs used in salt lamps is fifteen watts. For big-sized salt lamps, a twenty-five-watt bulb and a forty-watt bulb are best used.

What is a capsule bulb?

LED capsule bulbs are small and compact bi-pin lamps designed to be used in even the most compact of fixtures. They provide full, instant, and bright illumination. These compact bulbs are suitable for a variety of decorative and appliance fixtures, both domestic and industrial.

Are ES and SES bulbs the same?

A ‘standard’ ES (Edison screw) bulb is also known as E27, which you might see on some light bulb boxes. The other most common screw-in bulb for the home is the E14 or SES (Small Edison Screw). This, as you will have correctly guessed has a 14mm diameter screw cap.

Is E14 small screw?

An E14 bulb is one of the most used bulbs in our homes today and is also called the bulb with the small screw socket. The bulb is called E14 because it refers to the socket: 14 millimeter diameter. A bulb with an E14 socket always has the same base but can differ in shape.