Why is there a blue box around my app?

You need to go into Settings- accessibility – vision . Make sure voice assistant is OFF!

How do I get rid of the blue box in Windows?

How to disable the light blue border box when you hover over icon in Windows 10

  1. Go to the desktop.
  2. Press CapLock and then let go of the button.
  3. The Cap Lock light will turn on.
  4. Then press Esc.
  5. The blue outline will be gone!

Why is the time on my iPhone highlighted in blue?

The blue shading around the time indicates that the Personal Hotspot is turned on, and that at least one other device is sharing its cellular connection.

How do I get rid of the blue box on my desktop icons?

Select the “Desktop” tab, click “Customize Desktop” and then click the “Web” tab. Uncheck any boxes next to the entries in the “Web Pages” field, and then uncheck the box next to “Lock Desktop Items.”

How do I get rid of the GREY box on my iPhone home screen?

You need to press the side button on your phone to get rid of them.

Why is there a blue bar on my iPhone?

If you see blue, green, or red in the status bar Your iPhone is either providing a Personal Hotspot,* Screen Mirroring, or an app is actively using your location. You’re on a call. Your iPhone is either recording sound or your screen. appears in the status bar of iOS devices using Personal Hotspot.

Why are blue rectangles appearing around my app icons?

Now blue rectangles appear around my app icons and I am required to swipe or click twice for every operation, even turning pages and answering calls (which often results in dropped calls). Also, there seems to be a voice associated with each command. What is the reason for this and how do I fix it?

Why do my icons on my tablet have a blue border?

If all the icons on all the windows on your tablet have a blue border line surrounding them, most likely the issue is not with the hardware. It is the ‘Developer options’ on your android OS that has been misconfigured either accidentally or deliberately.

How to get rid of blue outline box?

Go to settings down to Safari delete history and data. Then try a reboot press the power button & menu button hold both down until you see apple logo this can take 30 seconds. Hi amoleta. It sounds like you may have enabled Switch Control. Check Settings > General > Accessibility.

Why is there a blue outline on my screen?

I have a constant blue outline box around several icons which are on the top of the screen. it just showed yesterday a few days after an ISO update. It also has a pale blue solid transparent filler. It goes away after a couplt of minutes but if some thing appears on the screen it is back again.