Who was putting the turkey in the toilet?

Before dinner starts, Louise claim she figured out that it was Gene and Tina that put the turkeys in the toilet to frame Louise for slowly stealing their allowance for 5 years but Louise finds out that she was wrong because Tina and Gene had no idea Louise has done that and Louise quickly lies that she haven’t.

Is Bob’s Burgers Tina autistic?

But Tina is also more than these traits — her character resonates with me because of her multifaceted personality and interests, and she is also shown to have a wide group of friends, something rarely seen for autistic people onscreen. However, Tina is never explicitly shown or said to have autism.

What episode of Bob’s Burgers does Tina Turner 13?

Sheesh! Cab, Bob
Cab, Bob? Bob takes a second job as a nighttime cab driver so he can give Tina the 13th birthday party she deserves, and he makes some surprising new friends along the ride.

Is Bob’s Burgers a cannibal?

While the Belchers are not cannibals, the first episode of the show, “Human Flesh,” alluded to the original pitch by having Louise (Kristen Schaal) lie to her class about the burgers being made from corpses, leading to Hugo (Sam Seder), the health inspector, shutting down the restaurant until Louise’s claim was proven …

What episode does Bob Spatchcock the turkey?

Turkey in a Can
“Turkey in a Can” is the fifth episode of the fourth season of the animated comedy series Bob’s Burgers and the overall 50th episode, and is written by Lizzie Molyneux and Wendy Molyneux and directed by Boohwan Lim and Kyounghee Lim. It aired on Fox in the United States on November 24, 2013.

Is Bob’s Burgers on Disney+?

We’ve gotten used to more exciting lists of content coming to the streaming service over recent months after Disney launched its new general entertainment brand, Star. The streaming service will also add all seasons of Bob’s Burgers and be debuting new episodes from season two of Love, Victor.

Is Bob’s Burgers about cannibals?

Background. The plot of “Human Flesh” is based on the original premise for Bob’s Burgers, in which the Belchers were a family of cannibals who actually did make their burgers from human flesh. This idea was eventually scrapped, and the overall tone and direction of the show changed.

Who was Tina Belchers first kiss?

Story. Jimmy Junior first appears in the episode “Sheesh! Cab, Bob?” when Tina turns 13 and invites everyone in her class to her party, including Jimmy Jr. Tina plans to kiss Jimmy Jr.

How often does Bob’s burgers have a Thanksgiving episode?

Bob has always been obsessed with Thanksgiving – specifically, with making the perfect meal. Every Thanksgiving episode, he goes overboard in his attempts to whip up the perfect turkey, becoming much more intense than usual. In no episode does he try as hard – or go as crazy – as he does than in “Now We’re Not Cooking With Gas”.

What was the Turkey in the can on Bobs burgers?

Bob’s Burgers tries its hand at a classic mystery with “Turkey in a Can”. In the days before Thanksgiving, Bob’s precious brined turkey keeps winding up in the toilet in the middle of the night. All eyes are on prankster Louise, who is determined to prove her innocence.

Why did Bob boycott Thanksgiving on Bob’s burgers?

Meanwhile, Bob boycotts Thanksgiving in anger at the festival and remains blissfully unaware of the carnage outside. It’s a fun episode filled with classic zombie film tropes, Thanksgiving fun, and the added bonus of Bob gleefully singing Donna Summer.

Who are the characters in Bob’s burgers?

Bob’s Burgers focuses on Bob and Linda Belcher, the owners of the titular restaurant, as well as their three children: Tina, Gene, and Louise. A dedicated cook, Bob is passionate about food, and he always relishes the chance to show off his skills on Thanksgiving, his favorite holiday.