Who is the singer in the movie Xanadu?

Xanadu is the soundtrack of the 1980 musical film of the same name, featuring the Australian singer Olivia Newton-John and the British group Electric Light Orchestra (ELO).

What was the most popular Xanadu song in 1981?

The hit singles “Magic” and “Xanadu”, peaked at number one in the United States and United Kingdom, respectively. Both singles also went to number one in the Netherlands and Italy, respectively. It was the 5th most popular US soundtrack in 1981.

How did Neil Peart come up with the song Xanadu?

Neil Peart’s lyrics were inspired by Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s poem Kubla Khan, where Xanadu is the mysterious, exotic kingdom in which Khan resides. Oh, paradise!

When did the legend of Xanadu come out?

“The Legend of Xanadu” is a single by Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich that reached number one in the UK Singles Chart in 1968, and was the group’s biggest hit.

When did the first Xanadu album Come Out?

Released: 23 May 1980 “I’m Alive” Released: 24 May 1980 (UK) May 1980 (US) “Xanadu” Released: 6 June 1980 (UK) July 1980 (US) “All Over the World” Released: July 1980 (US) 2 August 1980 (UK) “Suddenly” Released: 24 October 1980 “Don’t Walk Away” Released: 22 November 1980

Where did the song Xanadu by Olivia Newton John come from?

The word Xanadu came to mean a paradise. In the movie Citizen Kane, Xanadu was the name of Charles Foster Kane’s house. This was written for the movie musical of the same name. Newton-John starred in the film with Gene Kelly.

Who are the writers of the legend of Xanadu?

As with many of their singles, it was written by songwriters Ken Howard and Alan Blaikley, and like many of the group’s recordings, it features novelty elements — in this case a trumpet section and the distinctive sound of a whip cracking in the chorus. The musical accompaniment was directed by John Gregory.