Who is Sunder BAA in Saraswatichandra?

Smita Shetty
Soni Singh, who plays vamp Kalki Desai in the TV show Saraswatichandra,Pramad Dhan Dharmadhikari, played by Aanshul Trivedi and Sunder Baa, played by Smita Shetty were spotted together.

How old is Jennifer Winget?

36 years (May 30, 1985)
Jennifer Winget/Age

How many episodes are there of Saras and kumud?

Saraswatichandra/Number of episodes

Why did Karan leave Jennifer?

Karan married Bipasha after divorcing Jennifer. The reason why Karan’s first marriage did not last was because he was caught cheating by Shraddha. It was reported that Karan’s affair was with Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa choreographer Nicole.

Who is Gumaan’s elder sister in Saraswatichandra TV series?

Kumud comes to know about Gumaan’s elder sister Menaka and Gumaan’s secret. Kumud goes to that place where Gumaan used to work as a dancer before marrying Laxminandan. Kumud is kidnapped and again rescued by Saras.

Who is the main character in the TV series Saraswatichandra?

Saraswatichandra narrates the story of a young, cultured aristocrat, Saraswatichandra ‘Saras’ Vyas, whose mother, Saraswati, committed suicide when he was a child.

Who is the husband of Saraswati in Saraswatichandra?

Saras and Kumud have their first child. Gautam Rode as Saraswatichandra “Saras” Vyas: Saraswati and Laxminandan’s son; Danny and Kabir’s brother; Kumud’s husband Varun Kapoor as Danny Vyas – Saras and Kabir’s younger half-brother; Laxminandan and Gumaan’s son, Kusum’s husband (2013-2014)

Who is Kumud’s cousin in Saraswatichandra TV series?

Saras rescues Kumud, who separates from Pramad and returns to her family home. However, Kalika enters the household by marrying Kumud’s cousin Yash. Pramad attempts to abduct Kumud but his goons take her sister Kusum. Saras saves Kusum, who develops feelings for him but agrees to marry another.