Who is Babe boyfriend in Game Shakers?

Portrayed by Babe & Hudson is the friendship and romantic pairing between Babe Carano and Hudson. They are portrayed by Cree Cicchino and Thomas Kuc.

How old is Kenzie in Game Shakers?

Kenzie Bell is one of the two main protagonists in Game Shakers. She is a fourteen-year-old girl and one of the creators of Game Shakers. She lacks a social filter and tends to be extremely blunt, but makes up for her lackluster social skills with incredible tech knowledge.

Is Babe in Game Shakers a twin?

Biography. Cree Cicchino was born in Queens, New York City to Italian and Ecuadorian parents. Cicchino has a twin sister named Jayce. In 2015, Cicchino plays the spunky and smart Babe on Nickelodeon’s Game Shakers.

Did Kenzie kiss Hudson?

Portrayed by Hudson & Kenzie is the romantic/friendly pairing between Hudson Gimble and Kenzie Bell. They are portrayed by Thomas Kuc and Madisyn Shipman. In Hungry Hungry Hypno, they kissed.

Why did Kenzie get annoyed with Babe in the Game Shakers?

Kenzie explain to Babe why “that kind” of music is bad for her. They both got annoyed: Kenzie got annoyed because the man start to shake his booty in front of her, and Babe got annoyed because Kenzie can’t calm down. Babe and Kenzie introduce “Sky Whale” in class together.

Who is the rapper on Babe and Kenzie’s school project?

Babe and Kenzie’s school project tops the gaming charts as an online sensation! Rapper Double G finds out they used his song and comes to collect his share. Despite their differences, the group teams up to create Game Shakers!

How did Babe and Kenzie get away from Double G?

Kenzie glance at Babe. As Babe sigh, they (Along with Hudson) ran away from Double G. They (Along with Hudson) run to the Game Shakers for hide-out. Kenzie help Babe block the doors. They (Along with Hudson) all screamed when they saw Double G and his gang.

Where can I watch Game Shakers on TV?

Game Shakers – Nickelodeon – Watch on Paramount Plus