Who funded the Gathering Place in Tulsa?

Gathering Place is funded by a combination of more than 80 corporate and philanthropic organizations. Construction began in September 2014 and Phase I (66.5 acres) opened in September 2018. Renowned landscape architect firm Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates designed the unique Park with input from the community.

How much did the Gathering Place in Tulsa cost?

Largely the brainchild of Tulsa multibillionaire and philanthropist, George Kaiser, “Gathering Place” was designed by Michael Van Valkenburgh. This public-private partnership covers approximately 100 acres of land and as of September 2018, has cost about $465 million to construct.

When was the gathering place in Tulsa built?

September 8, 2018
Gathering Place/Opened

Is the gathering place the biggest park in the world?

Set to open on September 8, the $465 million Gathering Place is the largest public park ever built with private funds, created to revitalize a city.

What is a gathering place called?

A gathering place is any place where people are able to congregate. Gathering places may be public; for example, city streets, town squares, and parks; or private; for example, churches, coffee shops, stadiums, and theaters.

Does the gathering place have a water park?

Peggy’s Pond is a major nexus of park activity that brings the excitement and tranquility of water into the main heart of the park, creating a more diverse landscape experience. Check out a paddle boat, kayak or canoe from the Boathouse and spend the afternoon on Peggy’s Pond.

Can you get married at the gathering place?

From small intimate ceremonies to charming celebrations, Gathering Place is a dream venue for wedding ceremonies! Say “I Do” in one of our iconic locations and create an unforgettable memory at Gathering Place.

What is a Gathering Place called?

Is Gathering Place free?

Gathering Place is entirely free for entry. There are optional costs associated with retail, food and drink.

Can you swim at the gathering place?

Will I be able to swim at Gathering Place? No; while young guests may enjoy playing in the sand at Willow Beach next to Peggy’s Pond, and older guests may rent watercraft to use on the pond, swimming in Peggy’s Pond is not allowed. If you need to cool off, however, a trip to Mist Mountain is a great way to do so!

Can you fish at the gathering place?

Ann. §19.1) are allowed in the Park including the Lodge and Boathouse. (i) Fishing is not allowed in Peggy’s Pond or other Park waters.

What is a good word for gathering?

What is another word for gathering?

assembly meeting
union body
collection crush
jamboree muster
pack swarm

When is gathering place signature events in Tulsa?

Mark your calendars, the Gathering Place Signature Events are back with a list of unique and engaging events for Tulsa families to safely enjoy for the remainder of 2021! Click HERE to view a printable 2021 events calendar.

How much did it cost to build Tulsa gathering place?

Tulsa River Parks Authority said that the project has been estimated to be completed three years after construction begins, and cost the city $24.4 million. The project will replace the 1904 Midland Valley Railroad bridge, which had been acquired by the city seventy years later and turned it into a pedestrian bridge.

What to do and see at gathering place?

There are more than 100 unique experiences to be enjoyed at Gathering Place. With countless activities, programs, special events and multiple dining options, you will be sure to have a one-of-a-kind visit unmatched by the last. Take a look at our attractions, sports and wellness opportunities, commissioned art masterpieces and dining hot-spots .

Which is the best new attraction in Tulsa?

Tulsa’s Gathering Place was named the Best New Attraction in the nation in 2018 through the USA Today Readers’ Choice awards.