Where is the Funafuti located?

Funafuti Atoll, coral atoll, capital of Tuvalu, in the west-central Pacific Ocean. Funafuti is the most populous of the country’s nine atolls. Its main islet is Fongafale, the site of the village of Vaiaku, where most of Tuvalu’s government offices are located.

Is Funafuti a country?

Funafuti is an atoll and the capital of the island nation of Tuvalu. It has a population of 6,320 people (2017 census), making it the country’s most populous atoll, with 60.15 per cent of Tuvalu’s population….

Country Tuvalu
• Total 2.4 km2 (0.9 sq mi)
Population (2017)

Where is Tuvalu found?

October 1, 1978

How old is the Funafuti atoll?

Radiocarbon dates of the core-top together with surface fossil corals suggest that the land areas in the atoll were formed on the reef flat about 2,000 to 1,000 years ago.

What is Tuvalu largest city?

Capital and largest city Funafuti 8°31′S 179°12′E
Official languages Tuvaluan English
Ethnic groups 96% Tuvaluans 4% Others
Religion Christianity (Church of Tuvalu)

How much does it cost to go to Tuvalu?

How much will you need? Here is a rough budget for Tuvalu for two people traveling for two nights: Trip to the conservation area: AUD270. Cost per meal: AUD25 pp x 4 meals = AUD100 per person, AUD200 for two.

Is Tuvalu the smallest country?

Off the 100 different tiny islands scattered across the South Pacific, Tuvalu is one of the smallest, stretching only for 26 square kilometres. With a population of 11,646 people, according to data collected in 2019, the country of Tuvalu is perhaps the most isolated in the world.

Does Tuvalu have a military?

Tuvalu has no army, but its national police force, the Tuvalu Police Force headquartered in Funafuti includes a Maritime Surveillance Unit, Customs, Prisons and Immigration.

Where are the government offices located in Fongafale?

The buildings located on Fongafale include the offices of the government ministries and the government agencies such as the Tuvalu Philatelic Bureau, the Tuvalu Meteorological Service, the National Bank of Tuvalu, the offices of the Tuvalu Telecommunications Corporation and the Tuvalu National Library and Archives.

How big is the village of Fongafale in Tuvalu?

The villages have a surface area of more than 0.65 square kilometres and approximately 4,000 inhabitants. Looking west from a beach on Fongafale Islet towards Foalopa Islet (left) and Tepuka Islet (right) in the distance. The Parliament of Tuvalu or Palamene o Tuvalu and the house of the Governor General of Tuvalu are located on Fongafale.

Which is the largest island in Funafuti Island?

The largest island is Fongafale. The island houses four villages and community meeting places. The Funafuti Falekaupule is the local council, with the Kaupule as the executive of the Falekaupule.

What is the name of the local council in Funafuti?

The Funafuti Falekaupule is the local council, with the Kaupule as the executive of the Falekaupule.