Where do you drill holes for Blum hinges?

1. To locate center of hinge cup on back side of door, measure over from edge of door 22.5mm (7/8 ). Here drill a 35mm (13¼8 ) diameter by 13mm (1/2 ) deep hole.

Are Blum hinges self closing?

self-close cabinet hinges and eliminate the drawbacks of both. As the name implies, Blum soft-close hinges minimize the noise of shutting doors by using a hydraulic mechanism to gently guide the door through the arc of the swing and into contact with the cabinet frame.

Are Blum hinges any good?

Reader Reviews These are the hinges used by most all cabinet makers. They are the preferred brand due to their quality and reliability. If you’ve never used them before there is a little learning cure, since they involve drilling a 35 millimeter hole on the back of the door, to install them in.

Is one soft close hinge enough?

In general one soft hinge is sufficient on majority of the door and closing habits. Two would provide more dampening and thus you can slam the doors harder with more satisfying effect.

How do I adjust Blum hinges?

Blum hinges can be adjusted in 3 directions, up or down, side to side and in or out. Adjustment is built into these hinges to help you get the perfect fit, our simple guide outlines how to make each adjustment. 1. Depth Adjustment (In and out from the cabinet). The back screw on the hinge arm adjusts the the door in and out from the cabinet.

How many Blum hinges will I need per door?

A door that is 43” high and weighs 14 lbs. requires three hinges. If your door is only 24” high but weighs 14 lbs., go with three hinges for maximum support and stability. Also, use on 5/8” – 3/4” doors unless otherwise noted. As you can see there are a variety of advantages to choosing Blum hinges for your cabinetry project.

How do you install door hinges?

Installing Door Hinges Place your hinges in the correct location. Trace around the hinge. Cut the mortise. Mark the location of the screws. Drill the pilot holes. Install the individual hinges. Connect the door to the jamb.