Where are DeVry campuses?

DeVry University Locations

  • Phoenix.
  • Folsom. Fresno. Long Beach. Newark. Ontario. San Diego. San Jose. Sherman Oaks. Twenty Nine Palms.
  • Westminster.
  • Jacksonville. Miramar. Orlando.

Do employers accept DeVry University?

This means that no sensible employer will accept it. For the school year 2018 to 2019, the tuition fee for an undergraduate or bachelor’s degree from the school is $15,835. Fortunately, DeVry University is a regionally accredited school. This means that its students may be given federal or state financial aid.

Is DeVry University a good University?

If you are looking for an online university that is friendly to adult students with knowledgeable staff with experience in what they are teaching, then DeVry is a good university. If you are looking for a cost-effective university with a solid career assistance program, then it might not be good for you.

Is DeVry University a legitimate school?

Is DeVry University a legitimate school? Technically speaking, DeVry is a legit school — it is regionally accredited. The reality is, though, is that the quality varies depending on the program and on the campus– not to mention the school gets lumped in with less credible “trade schools” all the time..

What degrees are offered at DeVry University?

DeVry offers bachelor’s degree programs in technology, business, accounting, healthcare, liberal arts and media arts . A master’s degree is considered a graduate degree program and typically requires that a student focus on a specific area of study.

Is DeVry University a public or private college?

DeVry University, a private for-profit university, is a division of DeVry, Inc. DeVry University has more than 80,000 students. DeVry University has over 90 campuses throughout North America and also provides online education.