What is the conjugation of Chercher in French?

Lesson Summary

VERB: chercher (shair shay)
je je cherche
tu tu cherches
il/elle/on il/elle/on cherche
nous nous cherchons

How do you use Chercher in French sentences?

Chercher + noun = to look for, search for, seek Elle cherche un emploi à plein temps. She’s searching for a full-time job. Je cherche mon livre de français. I’m looking for my French book.

What is Chercher in the present tense?

Chercher is a French regular er verb meaning to search. Chercher appears on the 100 Most Used French Verbs Poster as the 26th most used regular er verb….Chercher Conjugation: Present Tense.

je cherche
il/elle cherche
nous cherchons
vous cherchez
ils/elles cherchent

Is Chercher etre or avoir?

It’s a compound tense, but it’s also the most common way to use a verb in the past tense. To use chercher in the passé composé, you use the auxiliary verb avoir and the past participle cherché.

How do you conjugate Faire in present tense?

Instead of using a participle though, the verb faire stays in the infinitive.

  1. Je vais faire… I’m going to make/to do…
  2. Tu vas faire… You’re going to make/to do….
  3. Il/Elle va faire… S/he’s going to make/to do…
  4. Nous allons faire…. We’re going to make/to do…
  5. Vous allez faire….
  6. Ils/Elles vont faire…

Is Chercher a etre verb?

The French verb chercher means “to search for.” It is a regular -er verb, so learning to conjugate it is pretty simple.

How do you say FAIRE in French?

The French verb faire means to do or to make, although it is also used in many idiomatic expressions with various different meanings. Faire is an irregular verb, and it is one of the few verbs that is irregular in the vous form of the present indicative ( vous faites) as well as in the ils form…

What is the French word for faire?

The French verbs avoir (“to have”), être (“to be”) and faire (“to do or make”) are the three most used and, thus, most important verbs in the French language.

What is the past participle of faire?

The past tense of fair is faired. The third-person singular simple present indicative form of fair is fairs. The present participle of fair is fairing.

What is the plural of faire?

Answer The plural form of faire is faires.