What is the best online golf instruction?

Quick Answer: The 10 Best Online Golf Coaches In 2021

  • Monte Schienblum.
  • Chuck Quinton.
  • Piers Ward & Andy Proudman.
  • Alex Fortey.
  • George Gankas.
  • Danny Maude.
  • Chris Ryan.
  • Rick Shiels.

Are online golf lessons any good?

It’s not only possible to work with a coach remotely—many top instructors have a thriving online-teaching business—it’s actually a terrific option for the next weeks and months when many golfers could have more unstructured time than ever before.

How do you approach a golf lesson?


  1. Hit some balls, practicing only your lesson keys.
  2. Practice your swing, forget ball flight results.
  3. Practice with clubs you used in your lesson.
  4. Practice where you can concentrate without being disturbed.
  5. Practice on the course by yourself.

What do you learn in golf lessons?

Golf lessons can benefit the intermediate golfers with breaking bad habits, increasing endurance, learning the mental game, and improving overall consistency. Usually, you can shave a few points off your handicap with just a few lessons.

Who is the best golf teacher?

10 of the Best Golf Coaches

  • Sean Foley.
  • Chris Como.
  • Peter Kostis.
  • Denis Pugh.
  • David Leadbetter.
  • Dave Pelz.
  • Jack Grout. Grout’s most famous pupil was a fellow by the name of Jack Nicklaus.
  • Pete Cowen. Cowen is one of the most highly respected coaches on the planet – and is much in demand.

Is top speed golf legit?

Whether you’re looking for a quick fix or a long-term program to add some juice to your swing, Top Speed Golf is worth a try. Overspeed training systems such as Super Speed [review HERE] definitely have a place in the game, but you may find that there’s more speed in your swing just waiting to be unleashed.

Do golf lessons really work?

Golf lessons are absolutely worth it. You won’t become a scratch golfer overnight, but in 10 weeks I shaved six strokes off my handicap by getting regular lessons with a good PGA professional. Lessons are essential for beginners who are trying to learn the basics, and can lay a solid foundation for a good golf swing.

What is a good price for golf lessons?

The average cost of a golf lesson is anywhere from $25 – $60 for a 30 or 45-minute lesson and around $75 – $100 an hour (or more) for an hour-long lesson. You need to decide what your end goal is and that will help you decide what type of lesson is right for you.

What should I wear to my first golf lesson?

Inquire about the dress code. Some facilities may or may not allow various types of attire (athletic wear, length of bottoms, tucked-in or not tucked-in, jeans, sweatpants, or tank tops). Golf shoes with soft spikes or spikeless bottoms are great, but tennis shoes/sneakers are fine as well.