What is going on with Sprint?

Sprint will be absorbed by T-Mobile, and eventually Sprint customers will migrate to the T-Mobile network. For now, both T-Mobile and Sprint customers will continue to pay their bills as they have in the past. Sprint should see immediate benefits to their wireless coverage and data speeds.

Will Sprint no longer exist?

January 2022 has been cited as the date for the full Sprint CDMA network shutdown, at which point any phone that uses that network exclusively would become about as useful as a brick. Long story short, if you’re on the Sprint network, it’s time to start thinking about your next move.

Is T-Mobile better than Sprint?

Sprint data. T-Mobile does more with its unlimited data options. There’s really no competition when it comes to LTE data speeds between Sprint and T-Mobile. In other words, T-Mobile always wins with faster speeds and more reliable coverage.

Why is Sprint’s LTE so slow?

There are always the possibilities of Sprint internet connection going slow. Several factors can be the reason, be it a natural disaster, power breakdown, and naturally weak network coverage.

Why my LTE is not working?

To fix the LTE issues of your T-Mobile mobile device, start by removing and reinserting your SIM card, toggling airplane mode ON/OFF, restarting your device, setting up APN – and voila – it’ll be fixed as fast as lightning!

Who bought Sprint 2020?

T-Mobile successfully acquired Sprint as of April 1, becoming one company and effectively bringing the total number of major US cell carriers from four down to three.

Why is sprint not working?

Another reason why the My Sprint app may not be working is because it’s outdated. Sprint often releases updates to their app in order to improve security, add new features, or fix software bugs. To check for an update to the My Sprint app, open the App Store and tap the Updates tab at the bottom of the display.

Does sprint have an outage?

Whether it’s a natural disaster, power failure, or network issues, Sprint outages happen . Sometimes an outage might just be a configuration issue with a phone as well. Still, outages are inevitable and totally suck, but there are things you can do to alleviate some of the frustration.

Why is my T Mobile service not working?

This problem is caused by your SIM card not placed properly, hence, the mobile not available on network error may also occur. To fix this issue navigate to: Settings. Mobile network settings. While you are in mobile settings, you have to hold the power button and the home buttons together until your device turns off.