What happened to Yori in Tron?

Since the original film, Yori has not appeared in any other TRON media. While Yori does not appear in Legacy, director Joseph Kosinski stated that the character is still alive and well within the TRON Universe.

Why was Cindy Morgan not in Tron Legacy?

Nobody from Tron Legacy contacted Morgan, and she did not directly speak with anyone from the Joe Kosinski-directed sequel. That’s not for lack of trying. Morgan gave her contact information to the Disney team, who set up the Flynn’s Arcade promotion at San Diego Comic-Con last year.

Who was the bad guy from Tron?

Ed Dillinger
Ed Dillinger is the Senior Executive Vice President of ENCOM and the main antagonist of the first film. He is played by David Warner.

Did Tron survive in Tron Legacy?

Tron: Legacy – Tron is still alive, waiting for Sam in the Grid. I was re-watching Legacy and had this thought. In the flying fight Tron broke Clu’s hold on him (probably due to his proximity to Flynn), such that his colors changed back to blue while he was sinking in the water.

Who is Chevy Chase’s girlfriend in Caddyshack?

actress Cindy Morgan
Can you believe “Caddyshack” is turning 40? “Nobody can,” said actress Cindy Morgan, who played Lacey Underall in the film.

Who was Sam Flynn’s mother?

Jordan Canas
Jordan Canas was Sam Flynn’s mother and Kevin Flynn’s wife. She and Kevin apparently met in 1982, the year he returned from the Game Grid. She was an architect for Hydecker Designs, and designed several buildings, including the ENCOM Tower.

Is there going to be a Tron movie with Yori?

Since the original film, Yori has not appeared in any other TRON media. When TRON: Legacy was announced, a fan campaign dubbed Yori Lives was created with the intention of bringing Cindy Morgan and her characters Yori and Lora Baines back for the then-upcoming film.

How did Yori lose her power in Tron?

Believing Tron had perished in the crash, Yori lost hope, and was struck by a memory guard’s pike when she attempted to prevent him from taking Dumont to the MCP. Spurning Flynn’s attempts to encourage her, she began to lose power and came close to derezzing with the ship before Flynn revived her.

How did Tron introduce Yori to Kevin Flynn?

During the flight, Tron interrupted her handling of the ship’s controls to introduce her to Kevin Flynn (who at first mistook her for Lora). Her initial reaction to Flynn implied a level of interest, reflecting the fact that Flynn and Lora had once been a couple, but she retreated to Tron when the User attempted to approach her.

Where is yori’s light suit in Tron Uprising?

In TRON: Uprising, an old-style white light suit similar to Yori’s appeared in a display cylinder in Able’s office, together with other relics, such as a Bit. The suit was seen twice, with no explanation. The fate of the program who had worn it is unknown.