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Lado Okhotnikov – Creator of the Metaverse: How Motivation Beat Poverty

Lado Okhotnikov - success story

We managed to talk with a unique person who was not afraid to do what many considered impossible. His path to success was thorny and long and his goals always remained superhuman. Born into a poor family he knows how difficult it is to earn money and how important it is to appreciate what was achieved all alone.

Meet Lado Okhotnikov, a founder of Meta Force and a former partner of the Forsage marketing project. managed to go a difficult path having nothing and built a thriving business on his own which gave him valuable experience. Before us is a man whose successes left a significant mark in the field of marketing and sales.

Lado how was your path?

Like most of us I grew up in a poor family so I had one goal – to achieve financial freedom. I was not afraid of problems and defeats; I went to my dream setting new frontiers for myself. I don’t know maybe it was poverty that gave rise to a burning desire in me to become successful.

I was able to truly realize myself in network marketing; it became a bridge between my desires and reality. I made my first business selling dietary supplements and it was the garden of my soul which grew at its own pace. At the same time I tried not to limit the possibilities and thought about how I could develop further.

Where did the career start?

The 2000s were the starting point as Russia began to climb out of its deep crisis. Jobs began to appear, especially in Moscow. But I had no local registration, so most of the jobs where I could earn good money were closed to me.

It was difficult but I squeezed everything I could out of this environment. Thanks to my ability to quickly absorb information I gained experience and knowledge that were useful to me in the future. I soon built a business with Tianshi by supplying high quality dietary supplements. My hard work and dedication helped the team to grow rapidly. I was getting a steady income but it didn’t meet my needs. I wanted more and was willing to take risks to reach my goals.

And what happened, because now you are no longer run this business?

At certain point the company management suddenly changed the conditions which led to an unexpected drop in income. Subsequently I stopped getting any profit from this business at all and I had to look for a new source of income.

I went through many different companies and found hope in the Galaxy Mate. They specialized in the production of yerba mate, an Argentinean drink with unique health benefits which was the perfect choice for people involved in meditation and contemplation. I was completely inspired by this business and quickly became the number one leader in the company.

Unfortunately there were changes that were not in my favor and I had to leave to find new opportunities.

Your history is filled with difficulties, but you held on and did not give up which confirms your extraordinary willpower and determination. How did you get into the crypto industry?

These moments swayed me and my fellow networkers. But we did not give up and started looking for solutions that could give our business security in the long term. And then the concept of smart contracts appeared on our way. Since I was originally burning with the desire to create something that would not obey anyone then for me this was the commemoration of a new era, the era of decentralization.

In 2019 when MLM marketing based on smart contracts was just starting to appear I could not resist participating. But then the projects were imperfect. I met my future partners and together we began to look for a new approach that could ensure long-term and successful work in this area.

And you took a chance after so many failures?

My goal does not change – I want to remain financially independent no matter what it costs me. My motivation is always off scale just at that moment I was inspired by the smart contracts concept which allows business participants to save their income and conditions, so I decided to join the team. However, despite the growing popularity of smart contracts I was frustrated by the lack of long-term capabilities in these projects.

After a while, we began to work on creating a unique marketing program based on smart contracts which would remain long-term and bring a stable income. This is how Forsage appeared – the first ever long-term marketing built on smart contracts. And now, even after I left this business it continues to grow and attract millions of participants from all over the world thanks to its uniqueness and the possibility of a long existence. By the way at the time of my leave the number of clients exceeded two million people.

Do you think that you would have become what you are now if not for that series of failures in the early 2000s?

More than once I wanted to quit everything and give up but my strong spirit and the support of my family made me continue to fight. Failures followed each other but I did not give up. Any even the bitterest experience I used as motivation to move forward. I am grateful to fate for all these difficulties which made me even stronger and taught me to appreciate every even the smallest victory on my way.

What is going on in your career now?

We continue to work on a Metaverse that will be scalable. Today we are not talking about a fragment but about a whole meta-world where people can own land and real estate, create a business and produce products that others need. The Metaverse will become a place where you can meet and create new communities. In fact, this will be a landmark event because no one has done this before us.

Н2 How do you plan to create maximum freedom for users while maintaining order and balance?

We are creating mechanisms that will allow us to monitor what is happening in the meta-world and adjust it when necessary. However, such regulation will not be similar to the state regulation so there is nothing to worry about. In general, I believe that people themselves will be able to create a beautiful and functional meta-world that will inspire them and help them reach new heights.

The amazing story of Lado Okhotnikov: a man who helps to rethink approaches to business

After the interview with the Meta Force project founder it became clear that he was creating something grandiose and revolutionary. The Metaverse is currently being developed – an ecosystem that will allow people to own land, real estate, everyone will be able to create a business and much more. Meta Force offers effective tools that will give you maximum freedom while maintaining order and balance.

Lado is confident that the technology development should not be limited solely to government regulations and Meta Force goes on the way of creating more efficient and innovative tools. And this can be a real discovery in the field of technology and human interaction.