Is Livestrong elliptical good?

5.0 out of 5 stars Great elliptical trainer for the money ! Great elliptical trainer , is as good as any elliptical I’ve ever been on in the health club that I belonged to for the last 30+ years . It is built very well , very strong , and it runs very smooth .

Does Livestrong still make ellipticals?

UPDATE: Johnson Health & Fitness is no longer making ellipticals under the LiveStrong name. For a comparable model check out their popular Horizon ellipticals. They have many highly rated machines at similar price levels. 0E elliptical does fall a little short in terms of pre-defined workouts.

How do you fix a squeaky elliptical?

Lack of lubrication on pivot points can cause the elliptical to make squeaking noises. Apply a thin coat of all-purpose grease to pivot points on the pedal arms and handle bars to eliminate squeaks. Lubricate all moving parts during routine maintenance to prevent squeaks.

Who makes Livestrong Elliptical?

Johnson, the company that produces the Livestrong brand spent a lot of time developing a front-drive elliptical that has an ellipse motion that mimics a rear-drive elliptical motion. The result is a unique feel that has proven popular with consumers. The Livestrong LS8. 0E provides good value at $799.

Are Livestrong treadmills any good?

LIVESTRONG treadmills get consistently positive reviews for their sleek and user-friendly consoles, well-designed workouts, generous warranties and all-around high quality components. LIVESTRONG Fitness is excels at making high quality products, providing helpful customer service, and giving back to the world.

Is 30 minutes on elliptical enough?

15-30 minutes on your elliptical machine per day is enough to maintain your wanted weight or even lose more.

What kind of lubricant do you use on an elliptical?

Many elliptical machines use red-lithium ball-bearing grease or white-lithium grease. You can find these types of grease from an automotive store, the elliptical manufacturer or a fitness equipment store.

Are there any side effects to taking nux vomica?

These side effects are especially dangerous if you have any of the following conditions: Pregnancy and breast -feeding: Nux vomica is UNSAFE and can harm both mother and child. Don’t use it. Liver disease: The strychnine in nux vomica can cause liver damage or make liver disease worse. Don’t use it. Interactions?

How is nux vomica used as a homeopathic medicine?

As a homeopathic remedy, it is majorly used for treating gastric ailments, rectal ailments, anger management, urinary troubles, liver complaints, migraine, sexual complaints in males, sleep issues, and respiratory complaints. Nux Vomica as medicine is prepared from seeds of a plant poison nut.

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Nux Vomica is suited to thin, active, energetic, ardent, careful, impatient, zealous persons with dark hair and disposed to get offended and irritable often and are spiteful and malicious. They are impatient, nervous, disposed to be quarrelsome and getting angry easily.

How much strychnine is in nux vomica?

Nux vomica contains strychnine, which is a poison. Taking 1-2 grams of nux vomica containing 60-90 mg of strychnine can be fatal.