Is CLEP a college course?

The College-Level Examination Program® (CLEP) helps you receive college credit for what you already know, for a fraction of the cost of a college course. CLEP offers 34 exams that cover introductory level college course material.

Is the CLEP exam hard?

CLEP exams are not difficult. Most of the exams are multiple-choice, and there is no penalty for guessing. Study guides are available to help you prepare. Some people have used study guides to pass CLEP exams in a very short period of time with no prior knowledge of the subjects.

Can I take CLEP while in college?

Sure! As long as you can pay the fee and attend the examination, you can take it. If you’re interested in earning college credit while in high school, we also recommend seeing if your school offers dual enrollment (a way to take college courses for free at a local university or community college).

Can you CLEP a bachelor’s degree?

The short answer is “No.” There are a couple of different reasons you cannot complete an entire degree with CLEP. The most significant reason is, your college likely limits the number of CLEP exams you can earn credit for.

How much does a CLEP cost?

Each CLEP exam costs $89, plus administrative fees. The average cost of a 3-credit college course was $1,677 in 2020. That means testing out of college courses can save some students hundreds of dollars in tuition. Also, military service members may be eligible to take their CLEP exams for free.

How long should you study for a CLEP exam?

Depending on your learning style, studying for a CLEP exam could take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. As a general rule, the more time you have to study, the better. Keep a calendar and block out an hour or two every day or every other day to devote to studying for your exam.

How many times can you take a CLEP exam?

The College Board has no limit on how many times you can retake a CLEP exam. But in some rare cases, a college may only accept the score of your first attempt.

Do CLEP exams affect GPA?

Do CLEP exams affect your GPA? No, CLEP exams are almost always considered pass or fail. Because they don’t receive letter grades, they aren’t factored into your GPA. On your transcript, they will be indicated with either a “P” (pass) or “F” (fail), or less commonly, “CR” (credit) or “NC” (no credit).

How long does it take to study for CLEP exam?

Does a CLEP test affect your GPA?