Is Captain Falcon good in Smash?

Falcon is a strong character that thrives in his strong combo game, but his weaknesses are still there. Due to how easy he is to knock offstage and his lack of easy kill confirms at the moment, he is at most a mid-tier character. This means that he is strong, but the high and top-tiers can deal with him very well.

Is Captain Falcon a girl?

Captain Falcon
Species Human
Gender Male
Place of origin Port Town
Created by Takaya Imamura

What does Captain Falcon say in his final smash?

Come on! Blue Falcon!
The Final Smash starts with Captain Falcon calls (saying “Come on! Blue Falcon!”) for his F-Zero machine, the Blue Falcon.

Why is Captain Falcon so bad in Brawl?

Captain Falcon has been heavily nerfed from Melee to Brawl. The vast change in physics removes many of his options while also significantly inhibiting his mobility, mixup options, and ability to play offensively.

Is Captain Falcon top tier now?

When the title was released late in 2018, Captain Falcon was ranked fairly low by most of the game’s best players. Now, after five rounds of buffs, the brawler has surged to the top of pros’ Smash Ultimate tier lists. He ranked Captain Falcon as the 15th best character choice out of 80 total fighters.

Who is the best Captain Falcon Main?

Notable players

  • Big D – One of the best Captain Falcon players in the world. Uses Captain Falcon as a secondary, and placed 4th at Don’t Park on the Grass 2018 and 33rd at GENESIS 6.
  • Fatality – The best Captain Falcon player in the world.
  • NickC – One of the best Captain Falcon players in the world.

Is Captain Falcon in F-Zero?

Captain Falcon is a character in Nintendo’s F-Zero series of video games, co-created by Takaya Imamura and Shigeru Miyamoto. Captain Falcon has often been considered as the unofficial main character of the series. He first appeared in the instruction manual of F-Zero, published in 1990.

Is Captain Falcon a cop?

In F-Zero X, it is rumored that his title of Captain came about because he was once an officer on the Internova Police Force. By the age of 36, Captain Falcon had built a reputation as one of the best bounty hunters in the galaxy, one that has earned him many enemies.

Is Captain Falcon a Rushdown?

Overall, Captain Falcon is the epitome of a rushdown character, yet also benefits from a bait and punish playstyle; when combining his excellent mobility and combo game, he can string very long combos for huge amounts of damage.

Is Captain Falcon a fast faller?

Fast-faller is a name that refers to characters with a fast falling speed. Fox, Captain Falcon, and King Dedede are prominent examples of fast-fallers, with Fox being unusually light for how quickly he falls.

Is Captain Falcon a heavy?

Attributes. Captain Falcon is a tall heavyweight character, yet he boasts some of the best overall mobility out of any character in spite of his weight class. Captain Falcon sports the 2nd fastest dashing speed, the 7th fastest falling speed, the 11th fastest air speed, and the 14th highest gravity.

What does Captain Falcon say?

“I now retire, undefeated champion.” “My time has not passed yet.” “Black Shadow, I’ll show you! You’ll never beat me!”