How much does a Gehl 2500 weight?

Here is what we know about the Gehl SL5625 Skid Steer Loader. It has a Perkins Diesel engine that produces 56 horsepower. This Gehl SL5625 skid steer weighs 6735 pounds and has a rated operating capacity of 1700 pounds.

How much does a Gehl 2600 skid steer weigh?

Size. The base model 2600 weighs 5,440 lbs. and has a wheelbase 37.1 inches. Its maximum reach is a total of 23 inches and it has a lift height to the pin of 114.8 inches.

What engine is in a Gehl skid steer?

Engine. The Gehl SL4625 skid steer loader is powered by a four-cylinder Kubota diesel engine. It has a maximum power rating of 47 horsepower, or 35 kilowatts.

Is Gehl a good skid steer?

Completing the offering of radial skid loaders, Gehl offers the R190, R220 and R260. These highly durable large-frame machines are the perfect solution for heavy ground engaging work. They offer operating capacities up to 2,600 lbs and high torque motors with excellent tractive effort.

Who makes the most dependable skid steer?

In terms of popularity among the twelve brands, Bobcat is the most popular with almost 28% of the overall market share, while Caterpillar and Deere round out the top three. The rest of the ten brands, in order of popularity, are: New Holland, Case, Gehl, JCB, Mustang, Volvo, and Terex.

What kind of engine does a Gehl 2600 have?

The standard 2600 has a four-cylinder Kubota diesel engine with ROPS features. The engine produces up to 47 horsepower and a CID of 134. This skid steer loader comes standard with 10-by-16.5 tires. Michael Scarn is a legal, automotive, fitness, business and aviation writer.

When did the Gehl skid steer loader come out?

The Gehl Corporation, one of the oldest manufacturing companies in the Midwest, has produced a variety of construction equipment since 1859. Skid steer loaders have been a part of the company’s line of products throughout its existence, including the Gehl 2600, which was produced from 1991 to 1998.

How big is a Gehl 60 inch bucket?

The Gehl Corporation also offers an optional 60-inch bucket with the 2600. This machine has a rated operated load capacity of 1,350 lbs. and an SAE tip rating load of 2,700 lbs.