How long is AIT for 25V?

12 weeks
Combat documentation/production specialists spend the usual ten weeks in Basic Combat Training (also known as boot camp or just “basic”) and 12 weeks in Advanced Individual Training (AIT) at Fort Meade in Maryland.

How can I get 25V?

There are not a qualifications needed to become MOS 25V. You do need to demonstrate normal color vision. Additionally, the Army will check your depth perception using normal binocular vision for fine close work. There is no special security clearance required for an Army Combat Documentation/Production Specialist.

Can an Army officer Reclass?

15. Officers may submit a request to transfer out of or into a basic branch or functional area. Officers who are approved for a branch or functional area transfer will incur active-duty service obligations for a permanent change of station move, and any training activities related to their reclassification.

Do combat photographers carry weapons?

Combat photographers film the gamut of military operations – humanitarian missions, training exercises and combat – according to the needs of commanding officers. The photographers undergo weapons, survival and customs training. They also carry weapons alongside their photo equipment.

Can army officers change branches?

Once one goes on active duty, with the exception of a few commissioned officer specialties (such as a physician), one cannot simply transfer from one branch of the service to another. You have to complete a Request for Conditional Release from your current branch of service.

Can army officers change MOS?

You can request a specialty reassignment when you re-enlist, during which you agree to serve for another few years in your new position. This is likely the best time to make a move to a new position. There are too many personnel in your current position.

Do military photographers carry?

What to look for in a MOS 25V?

The Army suggests that prospective 25V MOS have an interest in creative and artistic work. An interest in photography, graphics, art, speech, and drama also goes a long ways. Experience in school plays or productions is helpful, as well as an understanding of how to work as part of a larger production team.

How long is Advanced Individual Training for MOS 25V?

Advanced Individual Training focuses on your MOS and is a mixture of classroom learning and field training. An Army Combat Documentation/Production Specialist (MOS 25V) will spend 12 weeks after boot camp at AIT.

What do you need to know about active component reclassification?

[&NCOs&] must show proof they possess a current SECRET [&security&] [&clearance&] or higher (no interim [&clearances&]). The [&NCOs&] Unit Security Manager must provide an MFR which verifies a SECRET or higher [&security&] [&clearance&].

What does STP 11-25v13-sm-TG 1-2 mean?

STP 11-25V13-SM-TG 1 – 2 successfully complete the task. These actions are listed in a Pass/Fail format for easy evaluation. Each task contains a feedback statement (Evaluation Guidance in ASAT) that indicates the requirements (for the number of performance measures passed) for receiving a GO on the evaluations.