How high are the waves in Santa Cruz today?

Current Surf Report for Santa Cruz Current Conditions

High 3:18AM 9.94ft
Low 9:18AM 2.03ft
High 3:32PM 10.76ft
Low 9:43PM 1.57ft

How big are the waves in Santa Cruz?

SANTA CRUZ, Calif. — A storm in the eastern Pacific Ocean generated the largest swell of the winter as mesmerizing 10-30 foot waves pounded beaches across Monterey County and Santa Cruz County.

What’s the surf like in Santa Cruz?

Santa Cruz Surfing Insights Well-positioned on the northern edge of the Monterey Bay, Santa Cruz gets waves year-round. The winter months see large northwest swells roll through and max out wave heights, while in the summer, south swells fill in and provide fun, playful surf conditions.

Is it safe to surf in Santa Cruz?

The answer is, “Yes, you are SAFE!” when surfing Santa Cruz and Capitola Beach! Below are the key reasons why you have very little to worry about during your Santa Cruz surfing experience.

Are there waves in Santa Cruz?

With a number of sandy beaches and breaking waves perfect for riding, Santa Cruz is one of the best beach destinations on the West Coast and has waves for both beginners looking to learn and for experts searching for the next big wave! And if you just want to watch from the sidelines, that’s cool too!

Are there big waves in Santa Cruz?

Huge waves; West Point Avenue, Pillar Point, Half Moon Bay, CA, 94019. Located about an hour north of Santa Cruz, Mavericks is California’s most famous big-wave surf spot with waves that rival (and draw surfers from) Hawaii.

What is the water temperature in Santa Cruz?

Water temperature in Santa Cruz today is 59.7°F. Throughout the year, the water temperature in Santa Cruz does not rise above 68°F and therefore is not suitable for comfortable swimming.

How do you read a surf report?

How to read a surf report

  1. Swell size. The size of the wave, or swell height, is a measure in feet or meters.
  2. Swell period. The swell period is measured in seconds.
  3. Swell direction. Swell direction tells you where the swell is coming from in degrees/bearing.
  4. Wind direction.
  5. Wind strength/speed.
  6. Tide.

Is Santa Cruz good for beginner surfers?

One of the best beginner spot in all of Cali! Definitely crowded, with lots of beginners and surf schools. The most famous surf spot in Santa Cruz. Best for folks that know what they’re doing and locals.

What time of day is best for surfing?

The best time of day to surf is generally in the early morning (around sunrise) and in the late evening (around sunset) when there is swell in the water.

How is the surf in Baja California Sur?

Primary long period swell from the S mixing with secondary swell from the SSW are working together to put surf in 2-3+ ft range with a dominant wave period of 17 seconds. Wind is moderate and cross/sideshore from the NNW (332) at 5 mph.

What are the surf conditions in Santa Cruz?

Semi glassy/semi bumpy in the morning with S winds less than 5mph. Semi choppy conditions for the afternoon with the winds shifting SSW 5-10mph. Minimal (ankle high or less) surf. Glassy in the morning with SSE winds less than 5mph.

How is the surf at K-40 Baja California?

Wind is moderate and cross/sideshore from the NNW (332) at 5 mph. A topped out 5.6′ high tide at 12:01 AM is racing down to a -0.4′ low at 6:21 AM. You have not added any surf spots to your Favorites list.

When does the swell start in Santa Cruz?

S swell starts winds down. Low tide through mid-morning looking like the ticket if you’re trying to shortboard with mostly clean conditions. Softer surf before and after that tide window.