How do I know if fuel is ethanol free?

Can I test gas myself to see if it contains ethanol?

  1. Pour a small amount of water into a narrow jar (an olive jar works great) and mark the water level with a Sharpie.
  2. Add the fuel to around a 10:1 fuel:water ratio.
  3. Shake well, let settle for a few minutes.
  4. See if the water level has risen above the mark.

Is there any gasoline without ethanol?

Ethanol-free gas, or pure oil, is a type of fuel that can be used instead of ethanol-mixed gases. Most vehicles run just fine on a 10% mix of ethanol in their gasoline. However, some vehicle drivers are switching to ethanol-free gas for a variety of reasons, while others are shying away from it.

Who sells ethanol free gas in Rhode Island?

5 Pure Gas Stations in Rhode Island

  • 95 110 112. Sunoco Gas. 401-710-7780. 605 Douglas Tnpk. 2021-06-07. details.
  • 94 104. Razee Motorcycle Center. 401-295-8837. 730 Towerhill Rd. 2016-11-28. details.
  • 94 110 114. Mason’s Automotive. 401-934-9877. 53 Hartford Ave. 2020-06-09. details.

Does Costco gas have ethanol?

Does Costco Gas Have Ethanol? No, Costco 91 unleaded gas does not have ethanol as it is a “Top Tier” gasoline. However, Costco’s Kirkland Signature brand gasoline does contain 10% ethanol in requirement with The Energy Independence. Additionally, when filling up at Costco Gas, all pumps will have the mix of fuel added.

Is premium fuel ethanol free?

Premium gas doesn’t provide any more power or contain better additives than regular gas, and it contains the same amount of ethanol as other grades. It just resists detonation (knock) better than lower-octane gas—nothing more, nothing less. If so, keep using 89-octane to regain some power and save your engine.

Is ethanol-free gas better for small engines?

Not to mention that ethanol is highly corrosive, which can cause small engine parts can become easily damaged. Ethanol-free gas is the better option for numerous reasons, including the fact that it helps your equipment run more efficiently and it meets emission standards.

Where can I buy non ethanol gas in Massachusetts?

28 Pure Gas Stations in Massachusetts

  • 98 100 110. Akin Automotive. 978-939-2300.
  • 94 95. The Boat Guy. 508-563-1961.
  • 94 110 112. A-1 Parts. 508-867-4120.
  • 93 100 110. Loud Fuel Co. 508-563-3834.
  • 94 96 101. Hank’s Marine. 508-892-4788.
  • 94 98. Falmouth Airpark. 508-548-9617.
  • 87 95. Great Road Farm. 978-486-9200.
  • 92 94. Sirum Equipment Co.

Is Shell 91 ethanol free?

According to Dan McTeague, a noted petroleum analyst, Shell and Esso 91 are both ethanol free. All other grades from the companies have some ethanol content, but the mid-grade blend is pure gas, which means it not only corrodes less than ethanol blends, but is less likely to deteriorate when stored.

Should I use ethanol free gas in my lawn mower?

However, when you’re using gas with ethanol mixture in your outdoor power equipment, like lawn mowers, chainsaws, trimmers and leaf blowers, you run the risk of engine damage and incurring costly repairs. You should be using ethanol free gas in your small engine outdoor power equipment.

Where can I find ethanol free gas near me?

Find Ethanol Free Gas Near Me with this Map! Some drivers are always on the hunt for the most affordable fuel, while others are constantly looking for ethanol-free gas.

Is there a map of non ethanol gas stations?

If the latter describes you, you’ll appreciate having access to a map of gas stations that offer non-ethanol gas (Please note that the owner of the map in the link is working on a new map using a free mapping tool. See his update here).

What to do if gas station is selling ethanol?

If you’ve got a long drive, give the station a call first to be sure they’re still selling what you want. And please add a comment to the listing if you find out anything we should know!

When do you switch to ethanol free gas?

But if you have a car or other vehicle you rarely use—such as a motorcycle, ATV, boat, or outdoor power equipment—there is a chance that ethanol could lead to engine damage over time. If this is your situation, you might consider switching to ethanol-free gas.