How can I check my IGL connection status?

Indraprastha Gas : Check IGL PNG Connection Status Online

  1. Name of the Organization : Indraprastha Gas Limited (
  2. Website :
  3. Connection Status :
  4. Track Your Connection Status Here :
  5. Existing Customer :
  6. Login Here :
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How do I apply for IGL gas pipeline?

  1. Enter your request (if your area is listed) by clicking on “New Connection” in the customer zone.
  2. You can also lodge your request with IGL’s Helpline Number – 1800 102 5109 (Toll Free)

What is BP number in IGL?

BP number in IGL is Business Partner Number, which is a unique 10 digit number allotted by IGL to each gas consumer. You can find the BP number printed on your monthly IGL Gas Bill. You need your BP number to log-in at IGL website, make online gas bill payments or for any complaints or queries.

How do I disconnect an IGL connection?

The Temporary disconnection request may be lodged at our 24*7 Customer care no. call centre 1800 102 5109/1800 180 5109 and charges for the same shall be applicable as per “Payable Services & Charges” as stated on IGL website.

Which gas is used in IGL?

The transport sector uses natural gas as Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), the domestic and commercial sectors use it as Piped Natural Gas (PNG) and R-LNG is being supplied to industrial establishments.

How can I get my Indraprastha gas bill online?

Click on PNG Domestic Customer dropbox. Now go to ‘Insta Payment’ and you will be directed to the next page. Enter your BP Number and click on ‘Get Details’. It will give Indraprastha Gas Limited Bill Payment Details.

Is piped gas safer than cylinder?

A user from Yeshwanthapura says piped gas is not risky at all since the gas supplied is at a pressure that is hundred times lower than LPG. Besides, there is no question of waiting for the cylinder delivery boy, delayed booking or safety issues associated with cylinder openings.

Which is cheaper PNG or LPG?

“PNG is much cheaper than LPG. While a 14.2-kg subsidised domestic LPG cylinder costs ₹538, the same quantity of PNG, which is calculated based on standard cubic metres (SCM), comes at a price of Rs 375,” GAIL officials said. The retail selling price of one SCM (natural gas) is ₹22.10.

Is gas pipeline cheaper than cylinder?

It has been found by many people who opted for gas on the pipeline that it is actually turning out to be cheaper than an LPG cylinder. The latter costs close to Rs 290 in Mumbai and estimates put the gas bills to be 30% cheaper than an LPG. Gas bills are often not the major component of the household expenses.

What do you need to know about IGL gas network?

IGL Pipeline Network New Connection Payment Mode FAQ PNG Price Feasibility Criteria Application of refund of security deposit Payable Services & Charges IGL Gas Geyser guidelines Ownership Transfer KNOW YOUR BILL Customer Self Help Video Customer Zone COMMERCIAL PNG CONNECTION SCHEME SCHEME DETAILS

How to check IGL PNG Gas connection status online?

Connection Status : To know IGL PNG Gas Connection Status Online, Enter Your Reference Number in the text box given in the link below and click on “Check Status” button. Track Your Connection Status Here :

How to contact IGL 24 / 7 customer care?

Call IGL 24*7 Customer Care No (Toll Free). 1800 102 5109, 18001805109

How to apply for IGL gas connection in Delhi?

You can also check the process for a new connection list upcoming where the IGL is going to start their pipe fitting works.In the vision of IGL, it provides solutions for eco-friendly energy. Through it, the pollution can control in Delhi.