Are 1985 Corvettes fast?

A side benefit is the fact that the 1985 model is considerably faster. Through the Firebird Raceway dragstrip’s timing lights, the 1985 automatic was about 0.7 second quicker than the 1984 equivalent, and the new manual gobbles up the quarter-mile in just over 14.5 seconds.

How much HP does a 1985 Corvette have?

This is the heart of Corvette for 1985. A tuned-port fuel-injected 5.7 Liter V8….Total 1985 Corvettes Built- 39,729, All Coupes.

Tuned-Port Fuel-Injected V8 Engine 5.7 Liter (350 Cu. In.)
Stroke 3.48”
Horsepower 230 net @ 4,000 RPM
Torque 330 lb.-ft. @ 3,200 RPM

How much did a 1985 Corvette cost new?

1985 Corvette Overview

Model: 1985 Corvette
Transmission: 4-speed automatic (standard), 4+3 speed manual (optional)
Original Price: $24,403.00
Units Produced: 39,729
Specs: 1985 Corvette Spec List

How many MPG does a 1985 Corvette get?

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1985 Chevrolet Corvette
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Fuel Economy
EPA MPG Regular Gasoline 17 combined city/highway MPG 15 city 21 highway 5.9 gals/100 miles
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What type of oil does a 1985 Corvette take?

SAE 5W-30
Engine Oil SAE 5W-30 is preferred.

What was the price of a 1985 Corvette?

The 1985 Corvette, with its base retail price of $24,403, was also the first American car to utilize a plastic brake booster. Items 1 – 40 of 1126

What kind of injection system did the 1985 Corvette have?

The Corvette of 1982 and 1984 was equipped the the Crossfire throttle-body injection system. Much-maligned, it was replaced in 1985 with a tuned-port injection system built by Bosch.

What was the best handling Corvette ever made?

Even though the 1984 Corvette was said to be the best handling Corvette ever, many drivers complained that the ride was too harsh, so in 1985, GM softened the suspension and beefed up the sway bars. The driver received his softer ride, but he was still able to toss his car around a track with minimal body roll.