Will the Mummers Parade in 2021?

This file photo from the 2020 parade shows mummers marching on South Broad Street. The 2021 Mummers Parade was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but a group of mummers and supporters organized a protest parade via Facebook that took place in South Philly on Friday.

Who Won Fancy Brigade 2020?

Only 117 days left until New Year’s Day!

Year Brigade Prize Captain
2020 1 Thomas Dougherty
2020 2 Chris Micelli
2020 3 Michael Adams
2020 4 Drew Averill

Are mummers a Philly thing?

The Mummers Parade is held each New Year’s Day in Philadelphia. Local clubs (usually called “New Years Associations”) compete in one of five categories (Comics, Wench Brigades, Fancies, String Bands, and Fancy Brigades).

Is Phila Mummers Parade Cancelled?

Mummers Parade/Date

Who won Mummers 2020?

the South Philadelphia String Band
PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) — One year after a car crash claimed three members of their Mummers family, the South Philadelphia String Band won first prize at the 2020 parade. The band finished first out of 16 string band entrants. The Quaker City band came in second, while Fralinger came in third.

What is the Fancy Brigade?

The Fancy Brigade Association (or Fancy Brigades) performs at carnivals to benefit multiple charitable interests (i.e. numerous churches, schools, hospitals, etc.).

Why are mummers called mummers?

However, the word Mummer can be traced back to ancient Greece. It is derived from Momus, the personification of satire and mockery. It’s also found in an old English word mommer, which relates to miming, masking and frolicking.

What is a Mummer farce?

A mummer is basically a traveling actor. A farce is an absurd comedic play. Figuratively, a “mummer’s farce” is like something that has turned into a big joke and/or nobody takes seriously.