Which arrow fletching is best?

Straight fletching is applied straight with the arrow shaft. This type of fletching results in the fastest arrow flight and is recommended for close range shots. Straight fletching can cause slight arrow drag and is at a higher risk of the flight being affected by the wind.

How do you Refletch an arrow?

Place an arrow shaft in the jig and a fletching in the clamp. Then run a thin glue bead down the length of the fletching. Place the clamp on the jig, applying slight pressure to seat the fletching against the shaft. Let the glue dry, and repeat the process with your next fletching.

Why are arrow Fletchings different colors?

The reason why feathers are colored is to distinguish the index feather. Depending on how many feathers an arrow has, the index feather will be the odd different color. In addition to distinguishing the index feather, colored feathers are used for different purposes such as: To track the shooting arrow.

How do I choose arrow vanes?

There are trade-offs you need to think about when selecting a vane. Higher profile vanes increase the stability of the arrow but will slow the arrow down. Vanes with greater surface area are heavier and slow the arrow down, but they are also better at correcting arrow flight.

Does arrow fletching size matter?

Choose your size by determining how much speed and/or correction you want. If you want a lot of speed propelling your arrow, you need a smaller sized fletching. If you want more correction on your arrow’s flight path, you need a larger fletching with more surface area.

Should I Fletch my own arrows?

the short answer is it is totally worth it. The one thing that you don’t get as frustrated when a fletch comes off. You simply take it home and replace it.

How do you fix an arrow vane?

The first is to take a cup of water that is tall enough to submerged the enter end of arrow and vanes in water. Fill it up and microwave to boiling. Submerge the arrow/vanes in the cup and let it sit for a couple of minutes. Remove and let it cool down and the vanes should straighten out.

How do you clean Arizona EZ Fletch?

How should I clean my E-Z Fletch? A small wire brush can be used to clean old glue out of the tool. For excessive glue buildup, the E-Z Fletch can be soaked in acetone.