Where is the password for recon bunker Theta?

Look for a shack hanging off the edge of one of the dish towers. There you’ll find Scribe Faris. Pick up his holotag and holotape and listen to the tape. You’ll also receive Recon Bunker Access Code 429A.

Where is the radio distress signal in Fallout 4?

relay tower 1DL-109
Distress signal is a radio station in Fallout 4. It can be picked up after extending the satellites at relay tower 1DL-109.

Where is Jacobs password?

In order to get access to this terminal, stand next to the terminal in the Med-Tek facility and talk to MacCready. MacCready will say “Check that terminal over there, This password from sinclare better work” and gives you the Jacob’s password item.

How do you get Paladin Danse as a companion?

Paladin Danse (or just Danse) is an optional Companion that can be obtained after completing the Brotherhood of Steel quests Fire Support, Call to Arms and Shadow of Steel. You first meet Danse at the Cambridge Police Station and begin the quest path for the Brotherhood of Steel.

Can you make Paladin Brandis rejoin the brotherhood?

If the one has Paladin Danse as their companion and has completed Blind Betrayal, convincing Brandis to rejoin the Brotherhood will immediately turn him hostile. If Brandis is killed after rejoining the Brotherhood, he can still be found on the Prydwen.

Where is Jacob’s password in Fallout 4?

Is Honest Dan a synth?

It is also possible to gather information by speaking to one of the settlers, Talia McGovern, and convincing her that Honest Dan is a synth after passing a few Charisma checks.

How to enter recon bunker Theta guide Fallout 4?

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When did Paladin Brandis recon bunker Theta?

Recon bunker Theta is a location in the Commonwealth in 2287 . In 2284, Paladin Brandis and his squad were dispatched to the Commonwealth on a recon mission.

How many games can you play in the recon bunker?

Platinum Collection Build Your Own Bundle. Choose up to 7 games The bunker is locked with an inaccessible terminal until the password is obtained during the Brotherhood of Steel quest The Lost Patrol . The bunker consists of one room accessed by a terminal on the left of the front door.

Where do you get fusion core in recon bunker?

In the last leg of the “Lost Patrol” quest and after talking to Paladin Brandis inside, he’ll give you permission to take whatever you want inside the bunker. There’s a fusion core from the generator right in front of the door. Aside from that, there’s only a handful of ammo you can loot from the boxes and the steamer trunk near the bed.