Where is the map of Hell by Botticelli?

The Abyss of Hell, or Map of Hell, is among those currently preserved in Rome. Whereas previous artists had decorated manuscripts of The Divine Comedy as well, Botticelli’s drawings were very detailed and exceptionally faithful to Dante’s epic.

What kind of art did Botticelli do for Hell?

But Botticelli, known for paintings like “The Birth of Venus” and “Primavera,” also had a dark side. He painted and drew Hell as the poet Dante had described it, and it took him more than a decade to do so. One of his works inspired American writer Dan Brown to pen a bestseller.

How many drawings did Botticelli do of Dante’s Inferno?

Botticelli brought to life Dante’s descriptions of the nine circles of hell in a total of 102 detailed drawings. The central, lavishly colored work is the “Abyss of Hell” – a kind of map through the Inferno, showing the various circles.

Where is the way to Paradise in Botticelli’s Inferno?

For the documentary “Botticelli Inferno,” the vaults of the Vatican were opened, allowing the filmmakers to tell the story of this masterpiece. The way to paradise leads through the nine circles of hell (“Inferno” in Italian,) as well as purgatory.

When did the Botticelli Inferno movie come out?

The mysterious history of these drawings has given rise to a documentary, “Botticelli Inferno”, released in November 2016. For anyone interested, it’s a chance to see some of Botticelli’s work that have been kept locked away for centuries.

What was the most famous drawing of Botticelli?

One of Botticelli’s drawings was the Map of Hell, a visual imagining of all hells’ punishments. Many agree that it’s one of the most impressive of all Botticelli’s drawings.

When did Botticelli change the illustration of the Divine Comedy?

This change coincided with the death of Lorenzo de ‘Medici (1492). From 1490 to 1497 he painted the illustration of the Divine Comedy (preserved partly in the Prints and Drawings of Staatlische Museen in Berlin and partly in the Vatican Library).