Where are the numbers lightning returns?

FFXIII Lightning Returns : The Four Numbers Pass Code Locations (Main Quest 1-3 – Luxerion) 1- On A Wall By Commercial District (Looks Like A “L” on The Map 2- On A Side Of Some Steps By Warehouse District 3- On A Wall Near A Phone Booth By South Station 4- On A Wall (By A City That Looks Like Something From FF7) By …

Where is Holmes lightning returns?

Thornton is located in front of the North Station entrance. He requests for you to find his co-worker. Holmes is hiding around the corner from the Innkeeper near some vending machines.

Where is the Mandragora root?

Begin by heading slightly south to alleys of The Warehouse District. There you’ll find the Thunderclap Cap, a blue mushroom. Then head further south to the shops near South Station. Look for the woman running one of the Groceries and buy a Mandragora Root.

How do you get the army of one in Lightning Returns?

The player can obtain the achievement An Army of One in Final Fantasy Type-0 HD by completing a mission solo with no reserves. In ScrewAttack!’s One Minute Melee – Lightning vs Wonder Woman, Lightning uses Army of One’s Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII iteration and Legion of One from Final Fantasy XIII-2.

Do mandrake roots really scream?

According to the legend, when the root is dug up, it screams and kills all who hear it. Literature includes complex directions for harvesting a mandrake root in relative safety. After this, the root can be handled without fear.

Can you eat mandrake root?

Mandrakes can be poisonous if you eat them. Although a mandrake isn’t edible, it is sometimes used in folk medicine. The root of the mandrake has very slight hallucinogenic qualities, and if it’s consumed in large quantities it can cause death or coma.

Where to find the secret number in Lightning Returns?

This secret number is found at the Warrens but the gates to the area are currently CLOSED until Midnight. Up until then, you have time to kill on Side Quests, or you can approach an Innkeeper and rest up until Midnight.

Is there a walkthrough for Lightning Returns?

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 – walkthrough (Xbox 360, PS3) From Luxerion to The Dead Dunes, we’ve got a complete walkthrough for Lighting Returns, the concluding entry in Final Fantasy 13’s story. Guideby John Bedford, Contributor Updated on 27 November 2020

Where is the dead end in Lightning Returns?

Open your map, and notice the two green markers showing that the gates have been opened. Under the lower marker is a dead end, similar to the letter L but reversed. Check the dead end and you will find the first number on the wall.

Where do you get the Liberator in Lightning Returns?

Once the clock has run down a little and it’s time for the dawn chorus, you’ll be automatically teleported back up to the Ark, where you’ll find a whole new swarm of pretty little parcels to unwrap. From these you’ll be able to pick up the Liberator weapon, the Juno Sospita shield and the clothing of the Red Mage.