What sunglasses can I wear in the Air Force?

2 Eyeglasses/sunglasses — Frames may be a conservative color: black, brown, white, dark blue, gray or transparent material, gold or silver wire. Brand-name glasses may be worn with small logo on frames or lenses.

Can you wear mirrored sunglasses in the Air Force?

Faddish styles and mirrored lenses are prohibited. Sunglasses (to include darkened photosensitive lenses) are not authorized in formation.

Are clear glasses allowed in the Air Force?

– Eyeglasses and sunglasses may have a small logo that can contrast with frame color or lenses. Conservative, clear, slightly tinted or photosensitive lenses are also authorized. – Airmen may wear either a sling style backpack or two strap backpack.

Can you wear sunglasses in Air Force uniform?

Eyeglasses and Sunglasses: Eyeglasses and sunglasses must not have any ornamentation. Sunglasses can’t have mirrored lenses and can’t be worn when in formation. Glasses are not permitted around the neck.

Can you wear earbuds in uniform Air Force?

Wear or use of an earpiece, any Bluetooth wireless technology or headphones while in uniform, indoors or outdoors, is authorized for official duties or may be authorized as determined by the installation commander, delegable no lower than the squadron commander level.

Can I wear a bracelet in uniform air force?

Jewelry: Watches and bracelets are allowed but must be of a conservative style and can’t be worn if they will be a safety hazard. Up to three rings in total are allowed, counting both hands. Necklaces can be worn if concealed under the shirt. Women can wear stud earrings.

Can you wear earbuds in uniform air force?

Can you wear sunglasses in Air Force PT gear?

Can you be an Air Force pilot with glasses?

Yes, you can wear glasses if you are a pilot. This is true for both commercial and military pilots. The FAA recommends that all pilots who require prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses for 20/20 vision always carry an extra set of glasses or contacts with them as a backup when they fly.