What is type and Rowtype in PL SQL?

%TYPE provides the data type of a variable or a database column to that variable. %ROWTYPE provides the record type that represents a entire row of a table or view or columns selected in the cursor.

What are the types of collection in PL SQL?

PL/SQL – Collections

Collection Type Number of Elements Where Created
Associative array (or index-by table) Unbounded Only in PL/SQL block
Nested table Unbounded Either in PL/SQL block or at schema level
Variablesize array (Varray) Bounded Either in PL/SQL block or at schema level

What is table type in Oracle?

The most common type of table in an Oracle database is a relational table, which is structured with simple columns similar to the employees table. Two other table types are supported: object tables and XMLType tables. Any of the three table types can be defined as permanent or temporary.

What is type attribute in PL SQL?

The %TYPE attribute, used in PL/SQL variable and parameter declarations, is supported by the data server. Use of this attribute ensures that type compatibility between table columns and PL/SQL variables is maintained. If the data type of the column or variable changes, there is no need to modify the declaration code.

How do you create a table in PL SQL?

1 Answer. EXECUTE IMMEDIATE ‘create table table_2 as select col1, col2, col3, col4 from table_1’; If you create the table dynamically, though, you’d also need to use dynamic SQL every time you wanted to subsequently query the table.

Is record PL SQL?

What are PL/SQL Collections and Records? A record is a group of related data items stored in fields, each with its own name and datatype. You can think of a record as a variable that can hold a table row, or some columns from a table row. The fields correspond to table columns.

What is type attribute?

An attribute type definition specifies the attribute’s syntax and how attributes of that type are compared and sorted. The attribute types in the directory form a class hierarchy. For example, the “commonName” attribute type is a subclass of the “name” attribute type.