What is the score between Tennessee and Kentucky today?

Scoring Summary

1 T
Kentucky 0 34
Tennessee 0 7

Who won the ball game between Tennessee and Kentucky?

Share All sharing options for: Pitching, long ball help Tennessee to take two of three. On Thursday night, the fourth ranked Tennessee Volunteers (33-11, 13-7) baseball team opened up their home series against the Kentucky Wildcats with a 14-4 win before dropping Friday’s contest 8-2.

How many times has Kentucky beat Tennessee in basketball?

Overall, Kentucky and Tennessee have met for a total of 230 times and Kentucky has the winning advantage of 156–74….Basketball.

All-time series Kentucky leads, 157–75
Largest victory Kentucky, 101–40 (1993)
Longest win streak Kentucky, 20 (1950–1960)
Current win streak Kentucky, 1 (2021-present)

Is it better to live in Tennessee or Kentucky?

Kentucky is a better fit for retirement if you’re looking for a state with affordable housing and safer statistics. On the other hand, if you’d prefer not to pay income tax, Tennessee is the better destination for you. Affordable housing is available, and the average house costs $146,400.

What’s the difference between Kentucky and Tennessee whiskey?

Kentucky whiskeys need to be made of a mash that contains at least 51% corn. Tennessee whiskey is recognized by United States law as a separate type of alcohol. Tennessee whiskeys are required to be a straight bourbon type of whiskey, but this liquor is not commonly referred to as bourbon.

Did TN Vols win today?

Heupel’s debut ends in Tennessee’s 38-6 win.

How far apart is Kentucky and Tennessee?

The distance between Tennessee and Kentucky is 140 miles. The road distance is 175.4 miles.

What year did Kentucky beat Tennessee in football?

Party like it’s 1984: Kentucky beats No. 18 Tennessee in Knoxville.

Are taxes better in Tennessee or Kentucky?

In fact, Tennessee’s business taxes are higher than Kentucky’s: it ranks 11th in the nation for its per capita corporate income taxation (Kentucky is 18th), and its 6.5 percent top corporate income tax rate is higher than Kentucky’s 6 percent rate.

What Jack Daniels can you only buy in Tennessee?

LYNCHBURG, Tenn., April 15, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — After its initial launch as a travel retail exclusive item in select markets in Asia, Jack Daniel’s is officially introducing Jack Daniel’s No. 27 Gold Tennessee Whiskey to the United States.