What is the difference between 2700K and 6500K?

Light appearance is measured in temperature using the Kelvin scale. Unlike the weather outdoors lower color temperatures (2700K) indicate ‘warmer’ colors of orange and yellow, and higher color temperatures (6500K) indicate cooler colors like blue and white.

What does 6500K light mean?

Actually, 6500K means 6500 degrees Kelvin. 6500K is equivalent to the color of light provided by an overcast, cloudy day, which is slightly (very slightly) bluer than mid-day sun. 5500K is equivalent to mid-day sun color.

What Colour is 6500K?

Daylight White
Guide to colour temperature

Colour Temperature Name
6000K & 6500K Daylight White
4000K Cool White
3500K Standard White
3000K Warm White

What colour is 6500K?

What is the difference between 2700K and 5000K?

The 2700K matches the warm soft light colour of candlelight, firelight or an ordinary incandescent bulb. The 5000K lamp produces a much whiter light more closely associated with sun light. The advantage of this 5000K light colour is that it increases contrast. Black becomes blacker, white become whiter.

What color is 3500K?

A light bulb that produces light perceived as yellowish white will have a color temperature of around 2700K. As the color temperature increases to 3000K – 3500K, the color of the light appears less yellow and more white. When the color temperature is 5000K or higher the light produced appears bluish white.

What does 3000K led mean?

3000K LED lighting is both economically viable and energy efficient. Protect Health & Human Safety. High Kelvin lighting (greater than 3000K) create a harsh glare, making it difficult to see clearly at night. It can also suppress melatonin production, leading to disrupted sleep and other health risks.

What is the best hid color for night driving?

The best color for headlights is definitely White. Not only it is the most popular headlight color in present times but in many countries, it not allowed to have yellow light by the law, they only require the citizens to have white headlights.