What is the average cost of Simbrinza?

The cost for Simbrinza ophthalmic suspension (0.2%-1%) is around $189 for a supply of 8 milliliters, depending on the pharmacy you visit. Prices are for cash paying customers only and are not valid with insurance plans. Simbrinza is available as a brand name drug only, a generic version is not yet available.

Is there a generic form of Simbrinza?

Simbrinza and Lumigan are both brand-name drugs. There are currently no generic forms of Simbrinza. However, Lumigan is available as the generic drug bimatoprost. A generic drug is an exact copy of the active drug in a brand-name medication.

When is Simbrinza generic?

DrugPatentWatch® Generic Entry Outlook for Simbrinza By analyzing the patents and regulatory protections it appears that the earliest date for generic entry will be June 17, 2030.

Should Simbrinza be refrigerated?

If you have trouble knowing whether you have placed your drops correctly, you may want to store them in the fridge. Some people find it easier to feel the drops in the eye if they are cold. After using Simbrinza, wait at least 5 minutes before putting any other eye drops in your eye(s).

What are side effects of Simbrinza eye drops?

Side Effects Eye discomfort/itching/redness/discharge, temporary blurred vision, dry eyes, feeling as if something is in your eye, dry mouth, bitter/sour/unusual taste in your mouth, dizziness, drowsiness, tiredness, and headache may occur.

What is the generic name for azopt?


Is SIMBRINZA being discontinued?

Approximately 11% of the patients randomly assigned to Simbrinza discontinued treatment due to adverse effects, according to the Alcon statement. “There were no significant cardiovascular or pulmonary events found with Simbrinza in either clinical study conducted,” Alcon reported.

Why is SIMBRINZA discontinued?

Treatment discontinuation, mainly due to adverse reactions, was reported in 11% of SIMBRINZA patients. Other adverse reactions that have been reported with the individual components during clinical trials are listed below.

Is Simbrinza being discontinued?

Why was Simbrinza discontinued?

Why is Simbrinza discontinued?

Can Simbrinza cause weight gain?

Simbrinza side effects sudden liver failure–nausea, vomiting, itching, tired feeling, loss of appetite, dark urine, clay-colored stools, jaundice (yellowing of the skin or eyes), confusion, rapid weight gain, (especially in your midsection);

How much does simbrinza cost in the US?

They work by reducing the amount of fluid in the eye. Simbrinza is only available as a brand name drug. The lowest GoodRx price for the most common version of Simbrinza is around $177.34, 15% off the average retail price of $210.30. Compare carbonic anhydrase inhibitor / alpha agonist combinations.

Do you have to pay Medicare for simbrinza?

Yes. 85% of Medicare prescription drug plans cover this drug. If my Medicare prescription drug plan covers Simbrinza, how much will I pay? It depends on which coverage stage you are in. Click on a tab below… In the Deductible stage, you may be responsible for the full cost of your drug.

Where can I get free samples of simbrinza?

Simbrinza Free Samples: Your healthcare provider may order samples from the Novartis Portal; for more information your healthcare provider may contact the program directly at 888-644-2763.

How is simbrinza used to treat glaucoma?

Simbrinza is part of the Carbonic Anhydrase Inhibitor / Alpha Agonist Combinations class and treats Eye Pressure and Glaucoma. Carbonic Anhydrase Inhibitor / Beta Blocker Combinations are used to lower pressure in the eye to treat glaucoma and high ocular blood pressure.