What is encumbered in Filipino?

Filipino Translation. napigilan. More Filipino words for encumber. mapuno verb. brim, fill, crowd, congest, suffuse.

What does encumbered mean?

transitive verb. 1 : weigh down, burden tourists encumbered by heavy luggage. 2 : to impede or hamper the function or activity of : hinder negotiations encumbered by a lack of trust. 3 : to burden with a legal claim (such as a mortgage) encumber an estate.

What is an example of encumbered?

To encumber is defined as to restrain, weigh down, hinder or obstruct. When a heavy load makes it hard for a wagon to move, this is an example of encumber.

How do you use encumbered in a sentence?

loaded to excess or impeded by a heavy load.

  1. Red tape encumbered all our attempts at action.
  2. He died in 1874, heavily encumbered by debt.
  3. Lead weights and air cylinders encumbered the divers as they walked to the shore.

What is chattel in Tagalog?

Translation for word Chattel in Tagalog is : ari-arian.

What is an encumbered position?

Encumbered securities (or encumbered assets) are securities that are owned by one entity, but which are at the same time subject to a legal claim by another. A lien is a common example of a en encumbrance placed on a property that still has outstanding debts owed to creditors, such a an unpaid mortgage.

What are examples of encumbrances?

The most common types of encumbrance apply to real estate; these include mortgages, easements, and property tax liens. Not all forms of encumbrance are financial, easements being an example of non-financial encumbrances. An encumbrance can also apply to personal – as opposed to real – property.

What does amount encumbered mean?

An encumbrance is a portion of a budget set aside for spending required by law or contract, but is not actually physically paid out yet, reports Accounting Tools. If business conditions continue as they are when you set the budget, then the encumbrance will become an expense.

What is chattel fee?

Chattel mortgage fee is what you pay the bank in exchange for getting a secured loan. Most auto loans in the Philippines are secured, meaning that in case you miss a certain number of monthly payments, the bank has the right to repossess your car.