What is Ein German?

The German word for “a,” “an,” or “one” is ein, and like the definite article, the various endings it takes can help you identify case, gender, and number of the following noun phrase. Thus, taking the examples Tisch, Feder and Bett, we have in the nominative and accusative cases: Masculine. Feminine. Neuter.

What is the meaning of Ein in English?

An Employer Identification Number (EIN) is a unique identification number that is assigned to a business entity so that it can easily be identified by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). It is commonly used by employers for the purpose of reporting taxes. The EIN is also known as a Federal Tax Identification Number.

What does ein Junge mean in German?

Junge, Junge! ( inf) boy oh boy (inf) sie ist ein richtiger Junge she’s a real tomboy.

What does kein in German mean?

a proper noun (i.e. a name, usually following “sein” or “heißen”) Or more generally speaking, use “kein” when something is rather undetermined (uncountable nouns, indefinite article) and “nicht” for more determined things (definite article, possessive pronouns).

What is the number 30 in German?

German Numbers from 1-100

1 Eins 11 Elf 21 Einundzwanzig
7 Sieben 17 Siebzehn 27 Siebenundzwanzig
8 Acht 18 Achtzehn 28 Achtundzwanzig
9 Neun 19 Neunzehn 29 Neunundzwanzig
10 Zehn 20 Zwanzig 30 Dreiβig

What does Ein mean in Hebrew?

The Hebrew meaning of Ein Gedi is composed of two Hebrew words: “Ein” means “eye” or “fountain (or spring)” and “gedi” means a kid or a young goat, and when you think of the many species of ibex and mountain goats in the area, this comes as no surprise.

What’s the difference between EIN and einen in German?

Ein is used for masculine and neuter nouns. “One man” is masculine so it would be ein Mann, while “one house” is neuter so it would be ein Haus. Eine is used for feminine nouns. If the noun is in the accusative case it’s einen (masculine), eine (feminine) and ein (neuter).

What is Frau German?

sometimes disparaging. : a German married woman : wife —used as a title equivalent to Mrs.

What do you say OK in German?

Translation of okay in German

English German
okay einverstanden; in Ordnung; o.k.; ok

What is negation German?

In German, we use “nicht”, when we like to express the negation of a verb or an adjective. In English, we do so by using “don’t” or “isn’t/aren’t”. We put do not and is/are not before the verb respectively the adjective. But unlike English, we put “nicht” after the verb when negating in German.

When to use einen?

“Eine” is used for feminine nouns that are the subject and direct object of a sentence (the noun being directly acted upon by the verb.) “Einen” is used for masculine nouns that are the direct object of a sentence. Feminine and masculine are merely types of nouns.

What is the English translation of Ein?

The indefinite article (“a” or “an” in English) is ein or eine in German. Ein basically means “one” and like the definite article, it indicates the gender of the noun it goes with (eine or ein).

What does einen mean in German?

Einen is a masculine form used to describe a subject. For example “a man” will be “einen mann” in German.

What is Ein in English?

An “EIN” is an Employer Identification Number, also known as a “Federal Employer Identification Number,” (“FEIN”), or a “ Tax Identification Number ” (“TIN”). In the United States, an EIN is the business and corporate equivalent to the Social Security number.