What horsepower is a 3406 Cat?

350 horsepower
CAT 3406 Dimensions approx: cat 3406 specs, bolt torques, manuals – Barrington Diesel Club The Caterpillar 3406B engine’s specifications include a 6-cylinder, 14.6-liter, 6.5-stroke diesel engine that pushes 350 horsepower with the help of a turbo. 295 BHP 401 HP.

Is the CAT 3406 a good engine?

In terms of failure, the 3406E is actually pretty good, especially compared to some other Caterpillar engines. However, like all engines, they still had their issues. In the 3406Es with a 5EK engine serial number, there was a pretty bad and widespread crankshaft breakage problem.

What does 3406 mean on a CAT engine?

In this engine numbering system, the last two digits are the number of cylinders. The second digit indicates the cylinder size family. Common varriants of the family are the 3406, 3408 and 3412. You may also find a letter after the engine, which indicates a generation family of the engine.

What is the most powerful CAT engine?

The C32 is the most power-dense high-speed diesel engine of Caterpillar. The engine can produce up to 1350 horsepower at 2100 rpm. The peak torque of 4548 lb-ft occurs at an engine speed of 1400 RPM.

How much antifreeze does a C15 CAT hold?

7 gallons seems awfully low….. Hoods (379, W9, Classic) hold 12 gallons with a 3 row radiator. My T600 with a 3 row held 10 gallons max. Now with a 4 row it holds 14 gallons… Thanks for the reply.

What kind of engine is a 1994 Caterpillar 3406b?

1994 CAT 3406B used diesel engine or sale! 425 HP, running engine. Call or visit our website for more info. Tested and inspected with warranty . 1994 CAT 3406B used diesel engine for sale .425 HP, with Jake air to air.

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