What has befallen you meaning?

: : : TO FALL IN LOVE – “To be sexually attracted to a person; to become very fond of a thing. If you think of the falling in love as something that has befallen you, then I think you get a better sense of the word. Personally I don’t mind the conotation of falling.

Is it befallen or befall?

To come to pass; happen: What is the worst that may befall? v.tr. 1. Used with the impersonal subject it and a following clause to indicate the occurrence of a usually unexpected or chance event: “It befell that, an hour before the appointed time, she was sent for by a neighbor who had been taken ill” (Henry James).

How to use befallen in a sentence?

(1) Some misfortune must have befallen him. (2) the greatest disaster that has ever befallen us. (3) What had befallen her?

What does nimbly mean in English?

1 : quick and light in motion : agile a nimble dancer. 2 : quick in understanding and learning : clever a nimble mind. Other Words from nimble. nimbleness noun. nimbly \ -​blē \ adverb Then the vendors had to dodge nimbly to avoid being trampled under the heavy hooves … —

Is befall a good word?

verb (used without object), be·fell, be·fall·en, be·fall·ing. to happen or occur. verb (used with object), be·fell, be·fall·en, be·fall·ing. …

What part of speech is befell?

intransitive verb

part of speech: intransitive verb
inflections: befalls, befalling, befell, befallen
definition: to take place; happen. I can never forget the horror that befell that night. synonyms: betide, happen, occur, take place similar words: chance, come to pass, crop up, fall, hap, intervene, pass, supervene

How do you use betide?

become of; happen to.

  1. Whatever may betide, maintain your courage.
  2. Woe betide him if he does evils.
  3. Woe betide anyone who wakes the baby!
  4. Woe betide anyone who smokes in our house!
  5. Woe betide anyone who arrives late!
  6. Woe betide anyone who gets in her way!
  7. Woe betide anyone who got in his way.

What part of speech is nimbly?


part of speech: adjective
related words: adroit, brilliant, clever, deft, quick
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derivations: nimbly (adv.), nimbleness (n.)

How do you use the word befall?

Befall Sentence Examples All real good or evil that can befall him must be from himself.. If any mishap befall the queen, the workers can sometimes keep the community from dying out.