What company owns Lotus?

Proton Holdings
Lotus Group International Ltd.Geely
Lotus Cars/Parent organizations

How much does it cost to own a Lotus Elise?

Further, while calculating depreciation one can use a 3% rate for the first three years subsequently somewhere between 9-10%. Let’s say you are the owner of a lotus Elise for three years and five years with an annual usage of 10,000 miles then its expected ownership cost will be $47,002.66 and $38,922.9 respectively.

What is the slowest Lotus?

Lotus’ Elise
Lotus’ Elise has been named the slowest depreciating performance car on the market today. According to a research made by What Car?, the British model managed to retain up to 95% of its price after 12 months since it was purchased new.

Do Lotus cars hold value?

Because the cars are rare and limited, they have held their value pretty well, and this also helps them hold their ground once they’ve been rebuilt.

Is Lotus owned by China?

Chinese billionaire Li Shufu’s Geely, which also controls Sweden-based Volvo Car AB, purchased a stake in Group Lotus in 2017. It owns 51% of the company, including both Lotus Cars and consultancy Lotus Engineering, while Malaysia’s Etika Automotive Bhd.

How expensive is it to maintain a lotus?

Set aside $1000 per year and that should easily cover oil changes and other minor maint items.

Why is Lotus Elise expensive?

Why are Lotus Elise so expensive? Its because actual engineering using high quality light weight materials to build a vehicle that is superlight, super-strong and has a sophisticated suspension costs a lot of money. Don’t forget, the lotus can still effortlessly pass all requirements for crash-worthiness.

How quick is a Lotus Elise?

Acceleration: 0-60 mph (97 km/h) in 3.9 seconds. Top speed: 154 mph (248 km/h)

Is there a lotus Enthusiasts Club in the UK?

Welcome to SELOC, The owners club for Lotus Enthusiasts. Founded in 2002, SELOC is one of the most active Lotus forums and clubs, both online and off, with a lively forum and regular events both in the UK and abroad.

When was the Lotus Elise first shown to the public?

This site has been up and running since the Elise was first shown to the public in 1996. As a previous owner of the Lotus Elise, I tried to compile some useful information about this car and give an insight into Elise ownership, so that others might be tempted into owning and enjoying this amazing car.

Who is responsible for selling a Lotus car?

Lotustalk.com and it’s staff are not responsible for any sales made here on this forum. Use your own judgement on the transaction to avoid a dispute. Discuss your experience with Lotus dealers, other car dealers and Aftermarket Suppliers.

What to talk about in the Lotus car community?

The place to talk about the engine, transmission and mods. Paint, Film, Windows, Graphics, Seats, Kits, and more… Notices and discussions about when we get together.