What are the different levels of Marvin windows?

These are Marvin Essential (formerly called Integrity All Ultrex or Marvin Infinity), Marvin Elevate (formerly called Integrity Wood-Ultrex or Marvin Integrity), and the Signature Collection (formerly called Marvin Windows and Doors or Marvin Ultimate).

What paint does Marvin windows use?

Our low maintenance clad-wood products feature an extruded aluminum exterior finished in commercial-grade high performance PVDF fluoropolymer paint.

Does Marvin still make Integrity windows?

The Marvin brand now represents all fenestration products previously known as Marvin Windows and Doors and Integrity Windows and Doors, with both of those brand logos now retired. The new single, refreshed Marvin brand logo includes a bold font and an updated yellow rose that is modern yet still recognizable.

Can Marvin windows be painted?

A new Marvin window or door, whether it is primed or bare wood, must be painted immediately to prevent possible damage, even if the window or door is already primed. Do not apply paint to weatherstrip, vinyl, plastic, metal or any other non-wood parts, which can be damaged by solvents in the finishes.

Are Marvin Windows more expensive than Pella?

Marvin windows are usually more expensive than Pella windows, simply because of the quality of the materials used in the construction of their windows. However, Pella offers an incredible amount of options and customizable features for consumers.

How long do Marvin Windows last?

Marvin Windows Warranties are the Best in the Business Their interior and exterior finish options also carry a variety of different guarantees of between five and 20 years. It’s notable to mention that you will not find many better guarantees on workmanship and quality than Marvin offers on its products.

Can Marvin windows be repaired?

Regardless of size or complexity, any piece of damaged Marvin hardware can be replaced. After identifying the faulty piece, we can order the replacement parts required to restore the window to full functioning.

What is the difference between Marvin and Integrity?

The Integrity and Infinity Windows have one main thing in common and that is the 100% Fiberglass Exterior made of Marvin’s patented ULTREX fiberglass. The biggest difference is that the Integrity line comes with a wood interior versus an all-fiberglass exterior for the Infinity line.