What are cam followers used for?

The Cam Follower is a compact and highly rigid bearing with a shaft. It contains needle rollers and is used as a guide roller for cam mechanisms or straight motion. Since its outer ring rotates while keeping direct contact with the mating surface, this product is thick- walled and designed to bear an impact load.

Where are cam and followers?

The cylindrical cam has a groove in a cylindrical surface and the follower runs on the cylindrical surface parallel to the axis of the cylinder.

Where are flat followers used?

Flat Followers These are used where space is limited e.g. to operate valves in a car engine. The contact surface is perfectly flat. Cannot follow tight contours and high friction.

How does cam follower work?

Cams are used to convert rotary to linear (reciprocating) motion. As the cam rotates, the follower rises and falls in a process known as reciprocating motion. The follower maintains contact with the cam through the force of gravity or by a spring. The total range of movement produced by the cam is called the stroke.

What are flat followers?

Flat followers have a flat bottom that sits on the cam. These cope well under load but aren’t very accurate and have a lot of friction.

What is cam stand for?

Computer-Aided Manufacturing
CAM stands for Computer-Aided Manufacturing and referes to the use of software to control machine tools used in manufacturing processes. Enabling faster, accurate and more precise production of components, CAM is usually the next step after computer-aided design (CAD).

What is the interrelationship between cam and follower?

Followers move vertically to the axis of the cam when the cam moves in a reciprocating motion. The follower is a part of a machine that follows the cam that is either oscillating or reciprocating in motion. In brief, a driver member is a cam, while a driven member is known as the follower.

What’s included in Cam?

Typically industrial CAM expenses include property and parking lot lighting, landscaping, parking lot maintenance and water for irrigation. This is because all tenants in the building share the benefits of these.

What are cam followers and what are they used for?

The cam is the driver member and the follower is the driven member. The cam and follower mechanism is widely used for operating the inlet and exhaust valves of internal combustion engines. They are used in wall clocks and the feed mechanism of automatic lathe machines. They are also used in paper cutting machines and weaving textile machinery .

What example is a cam and follower used for?

A common example is the traditional sash window lock , where the cam is mounted to the top of the lower sash, and the follower is the hook on the upper sash. In this application, the cam is used to provide a mechanical advantage in forcing the window shut, and also provides a self-locking action, like some worm gears, due to friction.

What are applications of cams and followers?

Cam and follower are used in the i.c engine to close and open the outlet valve and intake valve.

  • It is also used as a hydraulic system.
  • Cam and follower are employed in printing machinery for printing the screen.
  • This mechanism is also useful in textile machines for sewing and pulling the fabric with one push to run the make.
  • What are some examples of Cam and follower?

    The cam and follower mechanism are widely used in automobile industry. For example, inlet and the outlet port of i.c. engines, feed mechanism in the lathe machine etc are the mechanism of cam and follower. This mechanism is very important in modern day engineering to incorporate a system with controlled movement.