Is Valvoline MaxLife compatible with Mercon LV?

Yes. MaxLife ATF can be used where a MERCON V* fluid is recommended.

Is MaxLife ATF good?

This is one of the best full synthetic transmission fluids I have ever used, and especially at this price! Other brands will cost you three times this much, and are truly no better than this Valvoline Max Life brand.

What does the LV stand for in Mercon LV?

Mercon LV—the latest Ford ATF, it is factory fill in 2008 and later Fords. The LV stands for “low viscosity.” It is a fully synthetic ATF. It is not compatible with earlier Mercon fluids, so it should neither be mixed with Mercon or Mercon V used to replace those fluids.

Is Mercon LV synthetic?

Dexron® VI/Mercon® LV Automatic Transmission Fluid is a premium quality, fully synthetic, multi-vehicle, low viscosity automatic transmission fluid that is recommended for use in those General Motors and Ford vehicles that specify the use of Dexron® VI and Mercon® LV fluids respectively.

How many miles is Valvoline synthetic blend good for?

Valvoline High Mileage with MaxLife Technology Synthetic Blend Motor Oil is specially formulated to protect engines with over 75,000 miles. The proprietary formula protects against the four major causes of high mileage engine breakdown: wear, friction, heat and deposits.

How many miles is synthetic blend good for?

Synthetic blends hold up longer and won’t break down, even after 5000 miles of driving. Newer cars also have better filtration systems, allowing you to safely drive 5000 miles between oil changes. If your car holds more than the typical 5 Quarts you may also be able to safely run 5,000 mile oil changes.

Is Valvoline conventional good oil?

Valvoline has been making quality oils for a very long time, and can be trusted to put out good products. Valvoline’s Premium Conventional Motor Oil offers excellent anti-wear protection for your engine, exceeding the minimum requirements set forth by various international standards.

Does Valvoline make a Synthetic ATF?

Yes. Valvoline makes several synthetic ATFs. MaxLife® ATF, Valvoline ATF for MERCON® V* applications, ATF +4 and DEXRON® VI are all synthetic transmission fluids.

Is Napa oil really Valvoline?

Napa oil is Ashland oil company, which is Valvoline . It’s the same stuff. Walmart “Super Tech” oils are actually either Quaker State, Tropic Arctic or Pennzoil, depending upon which part of the country you buy it in. The stuff here is the same as Quaker State.

Is Havoline synthetic oil good?

Havoline® Synthetic Motor Oils provide excellent wear protection in two ways: First, due to the unique properties of synthetic base oils, the oil flows faster to critical lubrication points at startup and begins protecting the engine sooner, compared to conventional mineral oils.