Is there a 1-99 smithing guide for RuneScape?

This 1-99 Smithing guide is teaching you some good methods on Smithing training no matter what Smithing level you are at or what level you are trying to train to. This guide contains the fastest methods and some alternative methods for 99 Smithing in RuneScape 2007.

What’s the maximum heat for smithing in RuneScape?

Maximum Heat is reliant on Smithing and Firemaking. At Level 99 Smithing and Firemaking, players have a maximum heat of 894. Maximum Heat = 300 + (3 x Smithing level) + (3 x Firemaking level). The amount of experience required is 13,363.

What’s the best way to get level 99 smithing?

The Blast furnace is home for most people trying to get level 99 Smithing. If you don’t know how to use the Blast furnace, there is a Blast furnace guide which teaches you how to make as many bars per hour as you can.

Where to get the fastest smithing XP in OSRS?

From level 40 to level 99, if you want to get the cape as fast as possible, you should be making Gold bars at the Blast furnace. Making Gold bars here gives the fastest Smithing XP in the game because at the Blast furnace, the XP you could get by making OSRS gold bars per hour can be 300-400K.

Which is the fastest way to Smith 99 levels?

OSRS Smithing guide – fastest way to 99 Levels 1 – 29 The Knight’s Sword The Knight’s sword quest is the fastest way to skip the first 29 levels of smithing. It’s a relatively short quest with no requirements other than 10 mining.

Which is the fastest way to level 99 in F2P?

The fastest way to level 99 in f2P smithing is by making platebodies at the Varrock west bank anvil location. This method, while fast will result in a loss of money on your way to 99 smithing. Best iron items. Total cost: 35.5Mgp From levels 99 you can make 200Kgp per hour by making rune platelegs/plateskirt to make up for your money lost.

Which is the most profitable way to Smith in OSRS?

OSRS Smithing Guide – Most profitable way to 99. To achieve the most profit from levels 1-99 smithing in osrs you should be doing bars at the blast furnace. Starting from levels as low as 15 you can make 115K/hr profit at the blast furnace.