How much does it cost to train from Brisbane to Gold Coast?

The trip time for the train from Brisbane city to Surfers Paradise/Broadbeach/Main Beach/Southport is approx 1 HR and 49 MIN. Est. cost $15.20 (cheaper with a go card)

How do I get from Brisbane Airport to Gold Coast?

There are 5 ways to get from Brisbane Airport (BNE) to Gold Coast by train, tram, bus, car, shuttle or towncar

  1. Take the train from International Airport station, platform 1 to Helensvale station, platform 1.
  2. Take the tram from Helensvale station, platform 4 to Cypress Avenue station.

How much is an uber from Gold Coast to Brisbane?

Uber can get you from: Brisbane Airport to Brisbane CBD, starting at $32. Brisbane Airport to South Bank, starting at $34. Brisbane Airport to Gold Coast, starting at $102.

How long is it from Brisbane to Gold Coast?

around 54 miles
Driving directions from Brisbane to Gold Coast The distance from Brisbane to Gold Coast is around 54 miles. Travel time is approximately 1 hour. It’s about 10 USD to refuel your car on this route. Use a taxi at a fare of 170 USD to get from one city to another.

Is there a direct train from Brisbane to Gold Coast?

No, there is no direct train from Brisbane station to Gold Coast station. However, there are services departing from South Brisbane station, platform 1 and arriving at Cypress Avenue station via Helensvale station, platform 4. The journey, including transfers, takes approximately 1h 37m.

How long is Airtrain from Brisbane to Gold Coast?

Airtrain services travel between Brisbane Airport to the Gold Coast every 15 minutes during the peak (and 30 minutes during the off-peak), making Airtrain the frequent and easy airport transfer.

How long does the Airtrain take from Brisbane to Gold Coast?

approximately 45 minutes
This journey is approximately 45 minutes. Alternatively catch the Airtrain Connect service to be dropped at the Gold Coast Airport.

Is Uber cheaper than taxi in Brisbane?

DESPITE being competitors, the taxi industry and ride sharing service Uber offer a very similar experience, according to a test by the Quest. Figures collected across Brisbane’s southeast show while Uber was an average 26 per cent cheaper, the average journey in a taxi was 12 per cent quicker.

Is Uber 24 hours in Brisbane?

Driver-partners are able to go online 24/7 however, most driver-partners can increase their fares by driving during busier times, particularly during peak hours and on weekends. In Brisbane trips request occur right across the week, however, the busiest times are typically on the weekends.

How do I get from Brisbane to Gold Coast?

The quickest way to get from Brisbane to Gold Coast is to taxi which costs $180 – $230 and takes 55 min. Is there a direct bus between Brisbane and Gold Coast? Yes, there is a direct bus departing from Brisbane and arriving at Surfers Paradise. Services depart twice daily, and operate every day.

How much does the AirTrain cost?

AirTrain costs just $5 as you enter or exit the system and the subway fare is $2.75. ** Children under five ride free. Connecting to the LIRR is the faster way to travel. To exit AirTrain and board the LIRR, purchase a combination ticket at the vending machine at Jamaica Station.

How do you pay for AirTrain?

Paying for your AirTrain Ride You may purchase a new MetroCard ($1.00 fee applies) or refill your own MetroCard using cash, credit or debit card at our Ticket Vending Machines in Howard Beach or Jamaica Station. To save time, you may also buy fare for the NYC Subway, buses, and Long Island Railroad.