How much does a 350Z wide body cost?

Rocket Bunny V2 Aero – Nissan 350Z (Z33).

Part Number Description Price
17020350 Complete Widebody Aero Kit with Wing $3,960.00
17020351 Front Bumper (only) with integrated front fender extensions $ 860.00
17020352 Front Lip (only) $ 530.00
17020353 Front Over-Fenders (only) +40mm does not include bumper extensions $ 750.00

How wide is 350Z?

Nissan 350Z

Nissan 350Z (Z33)
Wheelbase 2,649 mm (104.3 in)
Length 4,303 mm (169.4 in) (2003–2005) 4,314 mm (169.8 in) (2006–2008)
Width 1,816 mm (71.5 in)

What is the purpose of wide body?

they main functional purpose is it allows you to have wider wheels for better traction and some are aerodynamic.. they were first used on rear wheeel cars, eventually front. Then they started using them for show because they look nice, some cars still need them for the wider were pretty much right…

How wide is a 350Z Rocket Bunny?

We’re with you on that one, mate. It really takes seeing this car in the flesh to appreciate just how monstrous it looks from behind, those 315-width Michelins doing their best to cling onto the vast expanse of bronze WORK metal tucked under each arch.

Is a 350Z a JDM?

A lot of the 90s JDM modern classics – S15s, Supras and so on – are getting very expensive and hard to find in unmolested form, but there’s a more recent rear-driving Japanese coupe that’s in plentiful supply and far more affordable: the Nissan 350Z. …

Does Nissan 350Z have Turbo?

Can You Turbo a Stock 350z? 350zs are strong enough to handle a turbo kit even when they’re completely stock. By doing this, you’ll be able to get more power out of your 350z turbo build while keeping it nice and reliable.

Why do people Wide Body their cars?

There’s plenty of geometry and math involved, but people extending the width of a vehicle are usually looking to increase grip and alter handling characteristics. By increasing the width of the wheels and tires, you can put more rubber on the road and improve grip.

How much does a rocket bunny kit cost?

Rocket Bunny V2 Aero – Scion FR-S / Subaru BRZ (ZN6) – Full kit in-stock!

Part Number Description Price
17010225 Complete Widebody Aero Kit (was $4195) – price drop! $3795.00
17010231 Front Bumper (only) $ 860.00
17010232 Side Skirts (only) $ 865.00
17010233 Rear Under Diffuser (only) $ 560.00