How many panels are in the AIDS Quilt?

48,000 Panels
You Can Now Explore All 48,000 Panels of the AIDS Memorial Quilt Online. When the AIDS Memorial Quilt was first displayed on the National Mall in 1987, it contained 1,920 panels commemorating people who had died of the disease.

How big is the AIDS Quilt now?

around 1.2 million square feet
Since the inaugural display of the Quilt in 1987 during the National March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights, followed by years of touring the country and its last public display in 1996 (by which time it had grown large enough to cover the entire National Mall in Washington, DC, where an estimated 1.2 million …

Is there still an AIDS Quilt?

The Quilt is still maintained and displayed by The NAMES Project Foundation. The AIDS Memorial Quilt is now warehoused in San Francisco when not being displayed, and continues to grow, currently consisting of more than 48,000 individual memorial panels (over 94,000 people) and weighing an estimated 54 tons.

How do I get involved in the AIDS Quilt project?

Below are five ways you can get involved on World AIDS Day, and throughout the year.

  1. Volunteer with an organization that works on HIV/AIDS issues with education, direct service, or advocacy.
  2. Go to a Reading of the Names at an AIDS Memorial Quilt display.

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How many panels are on the AIDS Memorial?

The Atlanta-based foundation also revealed plans to send the quilt home to San Francisco under the stewardship of the National AIDS Memorial. Today, the quilt features more than 48,000 panels. (Courtesy of the National AIDS Memorial / NAMES Project)

How to search the National AIDS Memorial Quilt?

Users can zoom in on different sections of the quilt or search for specific panels by inputting names and keywords. (Courtesy of the National AIDS Memorial / NAMES Project)

Where is the AIDS quilt in San Francisco?

In November 2019, the National AIDS Memorial became the permanent caretaker and steward of the Quilt, returning it to San Francisco, where its story began during the height of the AIDS epidemic.

When was the AIDS Memorial first displayed on the National Mall?

When the AIDS Memorial Quilt was first displayed on the National Mall in 1987, it contained 1,920 panels commemorating people who had died of the disease.