How many cat components are remanufactured by Cat Reman annually?

Cat Reman remanufactures more than 2.3 million components each year ranging from fuel injectors to complete diesel engines.

Are remanufactured parts OK?

It will show a level of wear, but in terms of quality and robustness a remanufactured part is equivalent to a brand new part. This means that a remanufactured part, sometimes referred to as a ‘reman’ part, will be just as reliable as a brand new part.

What is Cat Reman?

We help you cut costs without cutting corners. Unlike regional competitors, Cat Reman parts are made from genuine Cat materials and are backed by the same warranty as new Cat parts. Cat Reman products are designed to help you waste less time and money on maintenance and get more value out of your product investment.

What is the meaning of remanufactured?

Remanufacturing is an industrial process by which a previously sold, worn, or non-functional product can be rebuilt and recovered. Not only is remanufacturing an environmentally friendly process, it allows products to be reused, rather than go to waste, and therefore supports a circular economy.

Is remanufactured better than rebuilt?

You will find that remanufactured auto parts usually carry a longer warranty than rebuilt parts. To rebuild is to recondition a part by cleaning, inspecting, and replacing only worn or broken parts. The quality of rebuilt components varies from one rebuilder to another and many only come with a limited warranty.

Should I buy remanufactured car parts?

Remanufactured parts offer a lower cost of ownership, better quality and a warranty that’s as good, if not better, than new. Remanufacturing is a process that starts with a worn component, known as a core, and restores it to “like new” condition in terms of performance and reliability.

Why does Caterpillar ask for a deposit?

– a deposit scheme on remanufactured parts and engines (a core deposit fee) as an incentive for dealers to return used parts to Caterpillar, – a voluntary take-back of surplus used products at a price above the scrap value.

Is refurbished the same as remanufactured?

The difference between refurbished and remanufactured items is that a remanufactured product is restored to like-new quality not only in its appearance, but in its performance, and parts are almost always rebuilt or replaced. …

What’s the difference between remanufactured and rebuilt?

Remanufactured Engines vs Rebuilt Engines A remanufactured engine is remanufactured to the original blueprints and exact specifications, and is tested to original equipment standards. A rebuilt engine, the repair is done up to the level of failure.

Is a remanufactured engine like new?

Remanufactured, or reman, GM engines, are designed to be as good as new at a substantially reduced price. This is because a remanufactured engine uses a combination of new and recycled parts. Old engines (which may have a serious problem) are disassembled. Any obviously damaged or broken parts are scrapped.

Is a remanufactured transmission like new?

A remanufactured transmission is basically the same as a rebuilt transmission, but the work has been performed by a dedicated transmission repair facility or shipped to the original transmission manufacturing facility.

Are remanufactured alternators as good as new ones?

A rebuilt system won’t have all its parts at the same state of wear and tear, but it’s an affordable alternative to buying a new alternator or starter. It’s important to visit a skilled alternator rebuilder or starter rebuilder, because this service requires judgement and experience.