How long does PoolRx last?

The PoolRx unit has a effective life of 12 months in the water. After the first 4-6 months you will need to add 1 PoolRx booster (#102001) per 20k gallons for the product to continue to work for the remaining life span of the unit. So NO absolutely do not remove the unit from the skimmer.

How do you add algatec to a pool?

Add 4 cups (32 ounces) of Algatec per 20,000 gallons; d. Broadcast dry chlorine over pool water and allow sinking into water near or over the affected area.

How to use Pooltec?


  1. To start, add Pooltec “clean” dosage to balance pool water. This product must be used with a registered sanitizer.
  2. Thereafter, add “weekly maintenance” dosage – use higher dosage for algae prone or heavily used pools.

What is pool algaecide?

Liquid Algaecide is a strong algae depressant used for the prevention of algae growth and the maintenance of sparkling water in pools. Algae growth is the main cause of “off” colours in your swimming pool water. Prevention is important, regulated use of liquid algaecide will keep your water clear and shiny.

Will PoolRx stain my pool?

PoolRx uses a proprietary chelating agent that prevents fall out and staining due to pH fluctuation or over oxidation. This means PoolRx is very stable and effective in some of the worst water possible and toughest pool conditions, but there are limits to any product.

Can I vacuum after stabilizer?

Water Stabilizer? To add, pour stabilizer very slowly through your skimmer while the pump is running. Do not backwash the filter for 5 days; if you need to vacuum or backwash, do that first. The stabilizer will dissolve under pressure in your filter.

How do you use Scaletec?

Scale Removal – Quick Start Guide:

  1. For chlorine pools: Lower chlorine level to 1 – 3 ppm.
  2. For salt pools: Turn off generator for 1 – 2 weeks.
  3. Add Scaletec plus – use treatment chart.
  4. Operate pool pump as normal. DO NOT SHOCK POOL.
  5. Allow 2 – 4 weeks for results. No wait, swim immediately.

What is the best algaecide for pools?

Here are the top 7 pool algaecides on the market today.

  1. Kem-Tek KTK-50-0006 Pool and Spa 60% Concentrated Algaecide.
  2. In The Swim Super Pool Algaecide.
  3. Clorox Pool and Spa Green Algae Eliminator.
  4. PoolRX Algaecide Unit.
  5. SeaKlear 90-Day Algae Prevention and Remover.
  6. EasyCare 30064 PoolTec Algaecide.

What happens if you put too much algaecide in your pool?

The presence of too much algaecide can lead to a foamy pool water. Air pockets within the filter system can cause bubbles on the pool surface as well. The bubbles and foam resulting from too much algaecide will be much smaller in size.

How does the PoolRx work?

PoolRx eliminates existing algae fast and prevents algae from coming back. The chelated minerals free up low levels of chlorine to be more productive in the water, providing amazing clarity. The minerals dissolve out the unit completely and immediately to form a stable residual throughout the entire body of water.

What causes copper stains in pools?

Copper. Copper usually stains a green, blue-green, or blue-green-black hue. These stains usually happen when your pool is being filled by well water, or if you have copper plumbing that has corroded. Metal parts and equipment might also be the culprit.

How much algatec should I use to clean my pool?

Clean pool start up 1-2 cups per 10,000 gallons. Kills and Controls all algae, green, yellow and black. Superior effectiveness and fast results in just 4 to 24 hours – Most Algae. Eradicates difficult Black Algae (fungi) growths 7 to 10 day.

How much algatec is used to kill algae?

Industrial strength Algatec Super Algaecide concentrate. Its powerful cleanup action with or without chlorine makes it the product of choice for fast killing of all types of algae growths. Summer Treatment – Initial Start Up Visible algae 1 Quart per 10,000 gallons.

How long does algatec last in a hot tub?

Algatec is a synergistic algaecide, water clarifier and chlorine booster for all types of swimming pools. Algatec helps improve water quality and swimmer comfort in swimming pools, spas and hot tubs. As an algaecide, Algatec kills green and yellow algae in 4 to 24 hours and eradicates black algae (fungus) in 7 to 10 days.