How do you take a picture of the moon with a Nikon d3200?

Select an aperture of f/11 or f/16. Use a shutter speed of at least 1/15 second or faster since the moon actually moves pretty fast across the sky. Set the focus to infinity. Use Spot metering to help you get the correct exposure for the moon, which will be the brightest part of your image.

Is 200mm enough for moon photography?

At the max focal length (200mm), the 55-200mm lens will default the max aperture to f/5.6. This is good enough. If you have a bigger telephoto lens with bigger aperture, you might want to reduce the aperture size a bit.

How do you shoot the moon with 200mm?

Steps To Photographing Just The Moon

  1. Select a long lens. Use a long lens (> 200mm) and zoom in as far as you can.
  2. Set the ISO. Set the camera to ISO 100.
  3. Choose aperture. f/11 to f/16 (find the sweet spot for sharpness)
  4. Choose shutter speed. Shutter speed around 1/60th to 1/125th.
  5. Set the focus.

How do I shoot the moon with my phone?

If your Android phone or tablet has a telephoto lens, your best bet is to use that one instead of the wide-angle lens to focus on the Moon. Use your camera’s built-in camera app to adjust the shutter speed until the Moon looks properly exposed.

How do I shoot the moon with my smartphone?

How do you shoot a moon with an 18 55mm lens?

To overcome this, you’ll want to photograph the moon with an 18-55mm lens just after sunset (or before dawn) when there is still a bit of light in the sky. There will be less contrast between the sky and foreground allowing you to capture detail in both.

How do you take good pictures of the moon with your phone?

Look at your phone screen and adjust the binocular/telescope until you get the moon in the frame. For the best result, zoom out completely on your phone’s camera….Get the shot:

  1. Set up your phone on your tripod of choice.
  2. Open the camera app.
  3. Turn off your flash.
  4. Start to think about photo composition.
  5. Zoom zoom zoom!